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Start10 now available for Windows 10 users

Back when Windows 8 first launched, many desktop users were put off by the new start menu. Fortunately enough, third-party programs came to the rescue, bringing back the familiar start button that we are all used to and its functionality. Now Windows 10 is out and while it does improve the situation coming from Windows 8, it does still incorporate a few changes, which may not be welcomed by everyone.

This is where Start10 comes in, an alternative start menu for Microsoft's newly launched OS. If you don't like the live tile shortcuts that now appear on the right hand side of the start menu, or if you just miss the Windows 7 feel, then Start10 brings that experience back.


Key features include removing the Cortana search bar from the task bar and putting it back in the start menu. Quick links to things like ‘My PC' or the control panel are restored and the all programs button will actually show all of your programs. There are multiple skins and customization options as well, so you can tailor your start menu to your needs.

The program is currently in beta, though it will be officially released on the 12th of August. Those who get in on the beta will be automatically upgraded when the final version launches. You can get Start10, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: I used to use a Windows 7 start menu program when I first upgraded to Windows 8, although I do quite like the Windows 10 revision. Either way, the option is now there for those who want it. Have any of you upgraded to Windows 10 yet? Would you prefer to go back to a Windows 7 style start menu? 

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