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SK Hynix calls out fake HBM2E and AMD GPU leaks

We are all patiently waiting to see AMD's next-gen GPUs and more specifically ‘Big Navi'. There have been plenty of rumours lately regarding specs, one of which pulled SK Hynix into the conversation, forcing the company to respond and deny the rumours.

One source claimed that the Radeon RX 5950 would feature 5120 stream processors, 80 CUs and 24GB of HBM2E memory manufactured by SK Hynix. These specs were claimed to be found in a confidential SK Hynix document but according to the company itself, that is simply not true.

In an official statement posted this week, SK Hynix said: “Recently, there have been media reports about SK hynix’s memory HBM2E and AMD’s next-generation GPU, based on the allegations by a Twitter user CyberPunkCat, which are factually incorrect. SK hynix hereby announces that the company has not created or distributed such specifications as well as the document asserted to be leaked by an internal source.”

SK Hynix says that after investigating the matter, the leaked document in question was fake. The Korean text written in the document translates to “with local communities 2020 happiness”, which is not related to any form of HBM2E development or GPUs. Aside from that, the specs shown for HBM2E memory were incorrect.

SK Hynix ends its statement by saying: “We sincerely hope this statement clarifies any confusion or misunderstanding that may have occurred. With all due respect, we ask you not to distribute or make any further report based on this incorrect information.”

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KitGuru Says: Sometimes fake leaks can look very convincing, so always be sure to double check sources of information before believing any rumour floating around. The Twitter account linked to this particular situation has since disappeared. Hopefully we'll get some official news on new GPUs from AMD in the coming months.

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