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EKWB make LEO smile – new QUANTUM hardware for 2020!

EKWB tells us that 29th February is a Quantum day (you only get them every four years) and that is the day EKWB is launching their new range of CPU blocks called Quantum Magnitude. To mark the occasion EKWB sent Leo a huge box of hardware packed with the latest Quantum reservoirs and no less than four Quantum Magnitude blocks. Yes, it was a BIG box…

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EKWB has released a huge range of Quantum hardware over the past few months, in particular Quantum Velocity CPU blocks and pump/reservoir units, however the big news today is that EKWB is launching Quantum Magnitude. These new CPU blocks come in three families for Intel LGA115x, Intel LGA20xx and AMD AM4 and while there is no Magnitude block listed for AMD Threadripper we're going to add the words ‘at the moment' to spur EKWB on. Prices for Magnitude are steep and range from USD 209.99 to USD 269.99 however the hardware looks absolutely amazing (as well it should).

The Quantum Kinetic 300mm D5 pump/reservoir also looks superb and we are very pleased to finally get our hands on a large selection of Torque fittings for both hard and soft tubing, as well as Torque angled adapters.

We also received three Quantum Volume flat reservoirs in 120mm, 240mm and 360mm sizes plus a pair of 240mm Quantum Kinetic flat pump/reservoir units. As we show in our video, one is a DDC model while the other is D5.

Closing Thoughts.

EKWB has been incredibly busy over the past year or 18 months developing new products and we have recently seen a steady rush of these new models coming to market. Pretty much the only parts they haven't updated have been radiators, however their fittings, CPU blocks and reservoirs have become smarter, cleaner and more sophisticated whilst also gaining Digital RGB.

We received a lot of hardware in the box from EKWB and every single piece looks fit for purpose and ready for action. You cannot imagine how exciting it is for us to see one of the few European companies in our industry pushing forward and making such obvious progress.

Clearly the next job on the list is to grab a large handful of this Quantum hardware from EKWB and to build a PC to see how it looks in action.

KitGuru says: EKWB has been launching Quantum hardware at a ferocious rate and now Magnitude is here. Hurrah!

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