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EKWB launches sale with up 60% off waterblocks and more

In recent years we have seen the price of PC hardware, particularly graphics cards, take a substantial hike – due to a whole host of factors both internal and external. As such, being able to snoop out a good deal is paramount when looking to build a new PC or upgrading your current one. EKWB is currently hosting a massive sale on their website with deals up to 60% across their range of waterblocks, motherboards and more...

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Quantum computer is already 100 million times faster than PCs

As much as a quantum computer may be the holy grail for anyone looking for extreme performance, we're a long way off making them at the scale of current computer hardware and having them be the multi-functional, endlessly powerful machines we want. But early developments are still rather impressive. Take …

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AMD’s project Quantum may never make it to the market

Small form-factor multi-GPU project Quantum concept personal computer that Advanced Micro Devices demonstrated earlier this year was an impressive piece of hardware. Unfortunately, it may never really hit the market, despite of early claims by the company. Richard Huddy, chief scientist of AMD, claims that even if project Quantum will …

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Google begins to work on quantum microprocessors

Google this week announced that has teamed up with John Martinis and his team at UC Santa Barbara on development of hardware quantum information processors based on superconducting electronics. The new initiative could revolutionize the markets of microprocessors and electronics in general, but will take years to accomplish. The Quantum …

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