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Leo Talks to EKWB’s Joe Robey at Computex 2021

Yesterday we saw my reaction to EKWB's Keynote at Computex 2021 but that's only part of KitGuru's coverage of the new products from EKWB. Today we have a 45 minutes long-form conversation between myself and Joe Robey – Lead Product Designer at EKWB.

Watch the video via our VIMEO Channel (Below) or over on YouTube at 2160p HERE


01:30 New Quantum Radiators
05:15 What about 180mm and 200mm?
05:45 Slimmer rads for small form factors
07:00 Fans
09:30 EK-Loop Connect
11:45 EK-Matrix7 origins
15:50 why 7mm?
18:15 PCIe Gen 4 risers
21:30 EK-Matrix7 and working with competitors
24:25 distro plates enter the matrix
28:50 vector2 and Velocity 2
35:35 What question should Leo have asked?
37:40 odds and ends
39:30 pre-bent brass tube – including gold!
42:30 SLI

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KitGuru says: Many thanks to Joe Robey for giving us an hour of his time and packing in so many nuggets of information that we ended up with 45 minutes of video (and at least five minutes of what we cut was off the record background info). Let's hope the next meeting with EKWB is Real Life at CES in Las Vegas.

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