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Source: AMD to cut price of Fury GPU

AMD recently announced that it would be cutting the price of its Radeon R9 Nano graphics card, bringing it down to a more palatable price point. The good news is that retail sources close to Kitguru informed us that a price drop is planned for the Fury graphics card in the coming weeks.

Right now, AMD’s air-cooled Fury GPUs sell for around £430-£450, trading blows with Nvidia’s GTX 980, which can be found for anywhere between £380 and £450 depending on retailer and brand. Given how popular Nvidia’s Maxwell GPUs have been this generation, that can be a tough market position to compete in.


According to our source this price drop is due imminently and will put the air-cooled R9 Fury cards in a much better position. Right now, AMD is still mulling over exactly how big of a price drop it wants to commit to but we should expect to hear more soon. We also don’t know yet if this price drop will also apply to the water-cooled FuryX, which is positioned to compete with the GTX 980Ti around £500.

KitGuru Says: If you are planning on picking up a Fury or a GTX 980 this month, then holding off for a little bit might be a good idea, after all, this price cut could make the Fury a more attractive option. 

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  • John Pombrio

    AMD= Always More Discounted. AMD keeps dropping their prices in order to keep up market share. Their gross profit tho is only half of Intel and NVidia so AMD’s losses continue.

  • samlebon23

    Is that bad for you as a consumer who works hard for his money. Why won’t you understand that NV and Intel are overpricing their products?

  • Si C

    Can’t blame them, these things are hardly selling in comparison to their nVidia counterparts!!! Hopefully Polaris will be kicking *major* ass 😉

  • Christopher Lennon

    do you have data to support this statement?

  • Christopher Lennon

    do you just lurk around tech sites always posting irrelevant comments about financial affairs? go to forbes.com to discuss that

  • evolucion8

    Not bad considering that the regular Fury is faster than the GTX 980, nVidia may react and drop the prices of the GTX 980 stock.

  • Si C

    Yes, one of my friends runs purchasing for one of the UK’s biggest computer etailers and info was forthcoming 😉

  • Stewy44

    the major retailer in australia has sold 1 Fury X since release. 1

  • Paul17041993

    Which major retailer and what makes you so sure? Because they had been popular enough to be sold out on a regular basis until the supply increased.

  • prtskrg

    I was expecting this. Price of furyX should also drop. Nano with a better cooling option than stock one would do very good too.

  • Alexander Yordanov

    I see you spouting BS on WCCFtech too 😛

  • Aaron

    If they just would hire good+more driver developers, they wouldn’t have to.

  • Paul

    You make it seem like it’s a bad thing that they are dropping the price, like many have said, Intel and Nvidia tend to be overpriced for what you get, mind you that seems to have changed somewhat the last year or so, but in any case, AND was more aggressive with price drops for years even when they had a lot more market share.

    Honestly, I think some Nvidia fans are really stupid, they come across like they want AMD to go bankrupt, could you imaging what would happen if that happen, Intel and Nvidia would have no competition, they would have full control in their markets, some Nvidia fans think that’s a good thing, they probably think Nvidia will give them a cookie for being loyal lol, I’ll tell you what they’ll do, they’ll ramp up the price through the roof and slow progress through the floor.

    I kind of like to see that happen just to shut the idiots up or not as they would have a lot to complain about, in any case, it won’t affect me, I have no brand loyalty, but I’m a realist and know that we need AMD back in the game, more so for gamers as they compete in CPU’s and GPU’s, and when I say it won’t affect me, I don’t buy going off what companies are doing or the competition, only thing I look at when buying is double the performance to a price that I set, which for GPU’s I set to around £200 give or take a bit, what that means is that even with no competition, unless they double the performance and have the right price then I’m not interested, could wait 10 plus years without a upgrade, good thing about it this way is that it forces the companies to improve and deliver at a decent price or it would be more if some people wasn’t so desperate to upgrade to get 30% or so increase and pat quite a lot for it lol.

  • FMinus138

    AMD cards get better over time, whilst nvidia remain or drop thanks to nvidia forgetting bout older cards in their drivers. The latest fallout 4 patch benching just proves that theorem; http://gamegpu.ru/rpg/rollevye/fallout-4-beta-patch-1-3-test-gpu.html

  • When, pray tell, was the last time you personally used an AMD graphics card and AMD drivers?

  • tyler1489

    Another company would buy AMD & continue their mission to fight intel/nvidia 😛

  • tyler1489

    This is true but you’re paying for quality,reliability and stability lol. This justifies the price increase because the companies know we will pay! I have never consider an amd cpu since 2004(I went with an 3ghz p4 instead) but definitely used there video cards over the last 10 years.

  • Oh snap!

  • 200380051

    Been using radeons for a while. never had a crash, except when OCing. Their drivers are fine.

  • Paul

    Maybe but there might be a big problem with that, I think the licence deal AMD have for x86 with Intel is void if another company was to buy them out, in other words, whoever was to buy them out won’t be able to make x86 cpu’s, it’s a crap deal really because that’s kills the idea of a buy out unless they are going for the gpu side of it or the licence deal changes, AMD really should try and push more towards ARM’s and push x86 out, Intel have too much control over it, either that or governments force Intel to open it up a bit like ARM’s is.

  • Sweetie

    The 390X is faster than the 980 at 4K in a bunch of titles, eh?

  • Sweetie

    Compare the original price of the Titan with how much it was worth a bit later. No one got shafted more than Titan buyers.

  • evolucion8

    Yeah, and also at 2K quite often.

  • mj

    This cannot possibly be true.

  • Vdutch

    I have had extremely bad experiences with AMD drivers with equipment of about 3 years old. If they really are better now I would love to try, but I am too scared to spend the money and end up with problems like last time.

  • AJ Lee

    and still the 980 will outsell the 390X by far

  • AJ Lee

    Lol you don’t even need data to support it. I know about 50 people with Ti’s and 0 people with Fury’s, I am serious. You can say “that means nothing” because it’s just a personal view but it goes with the trend of everything else, looking at small things like seeing 100 reviews on Amazon for a 970 and 5 reviews for a 380, looking at Steam’s hardware stats seeing no AMD cards in the top 10 + just look at AMD’s Q3 and Q4 reports which prove it.

  • AJ Lee

    If Nvidia get a monopoly on the market and AMD go bankrpt…it’s AMD’s fault. I’m sick of people blaming Nvidia and not blaming AMD’s INCOMPETENCE over the years. I hope they do go bust because they’re a shambles company. Give me Samsung Radeon any day, then Nvidia will have competition and prices will come down from both sides. They will never come down as long as people are supporting this poor little AMD who can’t even compete. Sick of this crap.

  • DavoR

    No lol. You are paying for premium performance, not needed in most cases, but still nice to have sometimes to show off and to squeeze as much as possible from software.
    Quality, reliability and stability lol, you make it sound like nVidia and Intel never make bad products, bad drivers and are perfect in every way, which is far from truth.

  • DavoR

    It’s getting very annoying to see non-AMD users assume AMD has bad drivers and bad GPU’s.

    It’s gotten to a point where people who say those type of comments, just copy other people who talked shit, without taking a second to do a little research and think for themselves.

    Sure there are examples of bad drivers, but thats not AMD exclusive (AMD GPU user 7 years, never had any mayor issues), as both companies sometimes struggle with their drivers.
    Just one look at nVidia forums and you see what I’m talking about.

  • Paul

    So let me get this right, Intel have much more money than AMD, Nvidia have much more money than AMD and you expect them to compete with both of them?, I’m surprised they are doing as well as they are with the resources they have.

    Nvidia are part of the problem here, because of things like physx, gameswork and the likes, it’s fragments the market, it doesn’t allow AMD to test the game until release, that’s not Incompetence, that’s lock in and the more that people buy into the lock in the more harder it is for any company to compete, Nvidia are turning the PC a bit like a consoles by forcing us to to choose and in some cases needed more than one hardware to get the best out of a game.

    You say you want them to go bankrupt, well I don’t think any other company will fill that gap, it doesn’t make much sense too, with Intel you can’t compete unless you have money coming out of your arse and even then you’ll have problems with the x86 license, with Nvidia, by the time anyone attempts to compete it might be too late, the vast majority of games will be locked in to nvidia hardware so even if the rival hardware is faster, it wouldn’t matter, nobody will buy because Nvidia controls the games.

    Microsoft did it with Windows, Sony and Microsoft keep trying to do it with consoles, it’s all about control to give you no choice but to buy from them.

    You know how easy it would be for Linux to compete with Microsoft Windows if a government like the EU forced them to open up directx, all the games could run on Linux, the biggest reason for many from staying away would be gone, it’s all about lock in by companies making you seem like you’re getting a good deal whiles pushing you into a position of little to no choice in the matter, most don’t see that. you included.

  • I used Nvidia pretty much exclusively from my GeForce 2 Ti in 2002 until I bought my first ever AMD/ATi card, a 7850 in 2012. I was doing a whole-system overhaul and the 7850 fit right into my graphics card budget and had better numbers on paper than whatever the similarly-priced Nvidia card had. And since I’d never used one before, I decided I’d give it a shot.

    I had lots and lots and lots of driver crashes in my 10 years on Nvidia. I’ll probably never forget the “nv4_disp.dll has crashed” dialog box, and the hard resets that followed. I’ve had three driver crashes in my 4 years with AMD, none of which required a hard reset – drop to desktop, restart driver, “Okay you’re good.”

    My best friend, who’s still pretty solidly green, doesn’t have nearly as many driver crashes as we used to have, but he still crashes way more often than I do. Even he has told me he’s impressed with how stable my system is. (He also willingly admits that he’s still not going back to AMD/ATi, and had a local store make him a t-shirt with a big Nvidia logo on the front and “FANBOY” under it, which he wears every weekend on game day. lolol)

    Even outside of personal anecdotal evidence, there’s plenty of actual documented sources of people whose GeForce cards were ruined by an Nvidia driver update – zaps, puffs of smoke, everything.

    My point is, both companies have had driver issues, and both companies are waaaaaaaaaaaaay more stable today than they used to be. But somehow, only AMD has a “bad driver” reputation, despite Nvidia’s driver problems being more frequent and more severe. And I think that reputation, and the way it seems to be maliciously spread by the legions of Nvidia fanboys on the web (note – not Nvidia fans, as there are tons of non-fanboy Nvidia fans) is the main reason that AMD doesn’t have more GPU market share. Too many people who don’t buy the sometimes-more-powerful AMD card because their Nvidia fanboy friend raves so much about how terrible AMD’s drivers are, and they believe him.

  • Vdutch

    Well perhaps I will go the AMD route when I next upgrade, Like the freesync price compared to gsync.

  • In my experience, my AMD cards and drivers have been much more reliable and stable than the Nvidia cards and drivers I’ve used in the past. You’re not “paying for quality,reliability and stability” – you’re being told that you’re paying for it, and you’re believing them.

    And if in 2004 you went with the 3GHz Pentium 4 instead of the Athlon 64, then you definitely got the fuzzy end of that lollipop. P4 was Intel’s Bulldozer. At that time, AMD was wiping the floor with Intel and the only way Intel was able to compete was to pay OEM’s a metric f—ton of money to specifically NOT use AMD chips.

  • AJ Lee

    Nothing overpriced about my 980 Ti’s, 4K 60FPS for less than £1000? That’s not overpriced at all in this day. It cost double that 6 months ago.

  • Aaron

    I own an R9 270X. Shit is unusable, and unstable. I run Linux, and they take forever to update jack shit to even work with modern software. It forced my hand to go Nvidia, and they fix everything before it’s even an issue and blow the SHIT out of AMD with drivers. AMD is a joke.

  • Aaron

    Or you can just enable full composition pipeline and have unlimited framerate on any monitor.

  • Aaron

    14 months ago, removing my R9 270X from my system for my GTX 970SC. Was the best decision I ever made.

  • Aaron

    My crashing and bug reports say otherwise. But it’s been about a year now, maybe they fixed it…ha, I know they didn’t, because I still am getting notifications on my bug reports. Ha! What an idiot. Just because you don’t use shit on your GPU doesn’t mean it works, it doesn’t.

  • That’s amusing, because I had an HD7850, which the 270X is rebranded from. In fact, I had two of them in Crossfire. They were my first-ever AMD cards, and they never ceased to impress me.

    I’m sorry you had problems with running that card under Linux and I’m glad that switching to an Nvidia card sorted those problems out. But guess what? The VAST majority of people using discrete GPUs for gaming are on Windows. YOUR experience with an AMD card on Linux is not – by any stretch of the imagination – the end-all-be-all experience of AMD cards. You’re welcome to go out of your way to try to convince people that it is, but you’d be wrong.

    In short, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  • My suggestion would be to get whatever’s best for your needs. Do research, read reviews (from REPUTABLE sites) and find out what card will be best for your software and your budget. If that’s Nvidia, fantastic. If it’s AMD, that’s fantastic too. Just don’t base your purchase decision on what people in the comments tell you, because most of them have an agenda. (see: Aaron.)

  • “Here’s the experience I had.”

    “No it isn’t. You’re wrong. I don’t care what you say you experienced, I say you’re lying. I had a bunch of problems so that means YOU are having all the problems I had.”

    Seems legit. *eyeroll*

  • MrSister

    if amd goes bankrupt antitrust could very well force intel into licensing x86 to another interested company or better yet force them to license them to more than one other company. they could also strip them of their fabs and split their business. also, what happens to x64?

  • MrSister

    and who is saying nvidia would be to blame for amds bankruptcy?

  • tachyonzero

    because the large market share has 1080p monitors.

  • Paul

    That’s true but governments are not really quick or smart with these things, who ever bought AMD could be in limbo for years and you would think the American government would do something about it being as it’s two American companies, the EU is more likely to do something if brought to their attention.

  • Paul

    It’s not really about blame, as a consumer, the only thing I care about is a good product at a good price, Nvidia is making it harder to compete for rivals not just AMD but any that would like to compete with what I said above, what Nvidia is doing with physx, gameswork and the likes is making it harder for rivals to compete with, it’s all about lock in with the aim of ramping the price up and slowing progress down, I find it funny that most people don’t see it.

  • AS118

    You’re right, and it’s one of the reasons I went from being a loyal Nvidia fanboy to someone who buys mostly AMD nowadays.

    I don’t want Intel and Nvidia to be monopolies, and in the current US political and economic climate, I don’t doubt that if they paid off enough politicians, that those companies would be allowed to be monopolies with lame excuses like “we compete with Arm” and “Intel makes graphics too! And what about PowerVR and mobile graphics?”

  • Paul

    My graphic card is from AMD, my next one is likely to be as well, I’m hoping that AMD gets it right on the cpu front with that Zen chip so I can go fully AMD.

    Honestly when it comes to monopolies, they should do it where they become a monopolies if they have 50% or more market share which is too much for anyone company and they always have a habit of abusing that position, so Intel and Nvidia would be a monopoly with that.

    What I would love to see is Arm’s do a big push on the desktop, ramp up the performance a lot, at least there would be many companies competing in both cpu’s and gpu’s.

  • 200380051

    Cool, tell us more about what you do with your GPU, the crashes you had, link those bug reports if you will. Then one can determine, if one does the same as you with its GPUs, which cards not to buy.

    And that is, assuming it is not YOUR card(s) or other components that are faulty. So please, keep your “idiocy” for yourself. WCCF’s comment section is already quite toxic.

  • ginevraweasely

    I would’ve bought AMD in a heart beat if only it’s latest FuryX had 6/8GB VRAM instead of the meagre 4GB.

    (I bought the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980 Ti on last Sunday)

  • ginevraweasely

    But don’t you run into the 3.5GB VRAM problem? Is there any way to stop games from accessing the last super-slow 500MB Vram?

  • ginevraweasely

    Who asked the punters to go buy ATI? AMD should shape up or ship out.

  • ginevraweasely


  • ginevraweasely

    I game on a 1080P monitor AND I just bought the Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980 Ti

  • ginevraweasely

    Doesn’t matter. Only AMD fanboys and dumb people would buy a $550> card having 4GB VRAM which isn’t even enough for extreme gaming at 1080P.

    For the people who’ll no doubt yell 390X = which, BTW, gives unplayable shit frame rates at or above 5GB Vram utilisation.

  • Really? Last Sunday? What happened to the one you bought 5 months ago?

    Wait, never mind. You’re a liar. You don’t even pay for your games, you download cracked versions from (rld). God knows what else you lie about. You’re not worth bothering with.


  • No one cares about your opinion, you’re too cheap to even pay for your games, you’d rather download cracked versions from rld.

  • Did you really “just” buy it? Or did you buy it 5 months ago?

    Do you even actually own one? Or are you just running around shilling?

    What’s it like being such a blatant liar and thief?


  • You should pay for the games you play, thief.

  • ginevraweasely

    And yet you still bothered to leave a comment. Sour grapes hehe!

  • ginevraweasely

    Nah. Haven’t played that one.

  • ginevraweasely

    Thanks for caring enough to reply 😉

  • Paul

    That’s not really the issue, Without AMD we would have no choice but to go Intel and Nvidia, both of which have been very kean to push prices up, without us having a choice and knowing we can only buy from them, they could easierly push the price up, not just that but consoles get screwed over as well, they would have little choice but to go ARM’s to keep consoles cheap, mind you that could be the silver lining, AMD goes bust, Intel and Nvidia gets so greedy that they do themselves a lot of damage and ARM’s takes over, which would probably be a good thing as there is much more competition there being as it’d more of a open market then x86.

  • AMDerpIDIA

    Gimping their drivers *

  • ginevraweasely

    Bwahahahaha. Hehe.

  • ginevraweasely

    Jealous much? Sour grapes must be revolting, eh?

  • ginevraweasely

    Keep God out of your potty mouth.

  • ginevraweasely

    You commie piece-of-crap go back to stalin’s arse where you belong

  • Pui Ho Lam

    AMD is not the manufacturer so I have no idea about quality,reliability and stability part. Their work revolves are the design of the GPU only and that affects real world application performance and power consumption. Those are the only things you should be concerned about when choosing between nvidia and amd.