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Court rules lawsuit against Oculus founder to go ahead

Today a US judge ruled that a lawsuit filed against Oculus co-founder, Palmer Luckey, will go ahead. The lawsuit comes from a company known as Total Recall Technologies, which employed Luckey in 2011 to build a head-mounted display, prior to the Oculus Rift Kickstarter in 2012.

Total Recall Technologies claims that Palmer Luckey breached a confidentiality agreement over information and feedback gained from developing the head-mounted display. It is currently alleged that Luckey used information from his time with the company to form Oculus and run the successful Rift Kickstarter campaign.


This lawsuit was initially filed following Facebook's acquisition of Oculus and due to this, Luckey commented at the time saying that this was “a brazen attempt to secure for itself a stake” in the acquisition. Similar comments were made about the lawsuit against Oculus from Zenimax, following the hiring of John Carmack, a long time employee of the subsidiary, id Software.

The lawsuit from Total Recall Technologies will go to trial later this year.

KitGuru Says: Several lawsuits have been thrown at Oculus since Facebook bought it so it looks like Palmer Luckey could be finding himself in a bit of a legal bind later this year when trials kick off though it could take some time for a resolution to be reached. 

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