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The GTX 1060 rumoured to launch next week

AMD is taking the mid-range GPU market by storm with the RX 480 this week, which offers excellent performance for a $200 graphics card. However, AMD could end up with some competition quite soon as this week the first image of Nvidia's GTX 1060 appeared online and now, reports are pointing towards a launch on the 7th of July.

According to a report from Benchlife, the GTX 1060 may launch on the 7th of July, with retail stock said to land on the 14th, just a week later, around the same time that custom RX 480 boards should start showing up.


The timing here is interesting as previous speculation pointed towards an August launch for Nvidia's  new X60-series GPU. Aside from that, right now the card is said to feature the GP106 pascal chip, with around 1280 CUDA cores and 3GB/6GB variants both with a 192-bit memory bus. The 3GB version is rumoured to use the GP106-300 while the 6GB version might be using the GP106-400.

We have previously heard rumours surrounding a GTX 1060Ti, so perhaps the 6GB card will be a Ti variant. Either way, if this rumour is accurate, we should find out for sure next week.

KitGuru Says: The mid-range graphics card market will be interesting to observe over the next few weeks. There is a lot of hype surrounding the $200 RX 480 so Nvidia will need to get quite competitive with the pricing for the GTX 1060. Are any of you in the market for a new graphics card this year? 

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