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The GTX 1060 rumoured to launch next week

AMD is taking the mid-range GPU market by storm with the RX 480 this week, which offers excellent performance for a $200 graphics card. However, AMD could end up with some competition quite soon as this week the first image of Nvidia’s GTX 1060 appeared online and now, reports are pointing towards a launch on the 7th of July.

According to a report from Benchlife, the GTX 1060 may launch on the 7th of July, with retail stock said to land on the 14th, just a week later, around the same time that custom RX 480 boards should start showing up.


The timing here is interesting as previous speculation pointed towards an August launch for Nvidia’s  new X60-series GPU. Aside from that, right now the card is said to feature the GP106 pascal chip, with around 1280 CUDA cores and 3GB/6GB variants both with a 192-bit memory bus. The 3GB version is rumoured to use the GP106-300 while the 6GB version might be using the GP106-400.

We have previously heard rumours surrounding a GTX 1060Ti, so perhaps the 6GB card will be a Ti variant. Either way, if this rumour is accurate, we should find out for sure next week.

KitGuru Says: The mid-range graphics card market will be interesting to observe over the next few weeks. There is a lot of hype surrounding the $200 RX 480 so Nvidia will need to get quite competitive with the pricing for the GTX 1060. Are any of you in the market for a new graphics card this year? 

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  • Heervristi

    yeah. i will buy wathever that can play Battlefield 1 on ultra 1440p 100+ fps.

  • R6ex

    AMD has nothing for the high-end and soon will be squeezed in the mainstream as well.

  • Irishgamer Gamer

    Sounds like a Nvidia spoiler PR story.
    They cannot supply their other 10 series cards, seems a bit
    rich saying they will launch mid range soon.

    Could it be a paper launch to spoil the AMD party? With cards arriving SEPT?

  • Valentinae6676

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  • RustyFukkit

    Um.. AMD Vega, due Q1 2017 but may be bumped forward to October.

    Featuring up to 32gb of HBM2 memory, 14nm technology and 15-18 billion gpu transistors.

    Prepare to eat those words.

  • Lisa Su already re-iterated “early 2017” *after* the rumour of Vega being released in October had done the rounds, so clearly the rumour is false.

  • Well, 1060 is a lot smaller, so easier to get better yields for. The problem with 1080 and 1070 supply being so small is that the GPU is so big, so has poor yields compared to RX 480 and GTX 1060. However, I doubt they bought the card forward a few months.

  • RustyFukkit

    Shame, but Vega definitely looks high end.

  • Gary Jones

    Yet more crap. RX480 in the States $200. RX480 in UK £220 – more than £300.

  • Michele8512

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  • lehpron

    I don’t like it when someone doesn’t take any responsibility for being wrong about the idea that their favorite company isn’t concerned about a market that is supposedly small enough to ignore. That was the position nVidia fans of the new Pascal products have taken regarding AMD’s take on Polaris.

    It is always the high-end enthusiast that downplays the significance of anything that isn’t high-end, until their favorite company produces a challenger and now suddenly they can talk smack with substance. Here’s a thought, why not figure there was substance from the get-go as opposed to thinking enthusiasts know better than companies until we read rumors to confirm it??

  • lehpron

    Depends on what nVidia will charge for GP106, how quickly it can maintain supply for demand, and if it bothers with a Founder’s Edition. Mainstream users are not like high-end, to ask them to spend extra for better is offensive, it defeats the purpose of buying what they buy.

    Let’s say on average the 3GB GTX1060 is 15% faster than 4GB RX-480, they ought to keep within $30 extra to justify it. If the 6GB GTX1060 can performance between the 8GB RX-480 and 8GB GTX1070, then it can be priced exactly in between at about $299, but it won’t be that much higher, so it better not cost that much more.

  • lehpron

    There are two different Vega GPUs, 10 and 11. The smaller of the two comes first, but we don’t know if it will follow the RX-490 nomenclature or Fury series.

    But a recent accidental admission of RX-490 as a qualifying product for an upcoming AMD promotion expiring December 2016 suggests a future unreleased card will be available prior to Q1 2017. We don’t know if it is Vega 10, or another Polaris, on overdrive (no pun intended).

  • No the main problem are the price gougers buying all the 10×0 series cards up and selling them on eBay for $200 more than retail. That’s mainly the ONLY reason the 10×0 series is sold out everywhere.

  • Craig456456

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  • RustyFukkit

    I’m sure there’s an announcement from AMD somewhere saying that Vega is designed to replace the Fury line.