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We may have our first look at GTX 1070 benchmark numbers

While we have already seen exactly what the GTX 1080 graphics card can do, Nvidia also has the GTX 1070 on the way next month and so far, we haven't seen much of it. However, this week, some benchmark numbers appear to have leaked on to the web, showing a GTX 1070 performing a tad higher than a GTX 980Ti and Titan X.

We won't be seeing the GTX 1070 launch until the 10th of June but Videocardz has obtained some leaked benchmark runs from 3D Mark Firestrike on the Performance, Extreme and Ultra modes. While this is unofficial information, it may be our first look at what to expect from Nvidia's second-tier Pascal card.


FireStrike Performance is rendered at 1280×720, the GTX 1070 reportedly garnered up a graphics score of 17,557. Meanwhile, In Firestrike Extreme, which is rendered at 2560×1440, the GTX 1070 got a graphics score of 8327. Finally in FireStrike Ultra, which is rendered at Ultra HD/4K resolution, the GTX 1070 reportedly scored 4078 points in the graphics test.

These numbers were around five percent higher than what was being reported on the GTX 980Ti but given that this is unofficial information, take it with a pinch of salt. We will see exactly what the GTX 1070 is capable of in a couple of weeks time when it launches.

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KitGuru Says: While there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the GTX 1080, not a lot of people can afford to spend over £600 on a graphics card, so many will be looking forward to the 1070 instead. If these scores are accurate, then we may be getting a card that performs at 980Ti levels for a much lower price. Are any of you planning on picking up a new graphics card next month? Are you planning on going with a Pascal card? Or are you waiting to see what AMD can pull off with Polaris?

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