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MSI is teasing a new Mini-ITX GPU

It looks like we can expect a new mini-ITX graphics card from MSI any day now as the company has begun teasing a shrunk down version of what could either be a GTX 1080 or a GTX 1070. MSI posted a quick teaser image on its Facebook page late last …

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The Nvidia GTX 1070 will hit retail today

At this point, many of you will have read the reviews for the GTX 1070 and some of you may also be planning on picking one up. If you’re aiming to grab one on day one, then you will want to be quick as stock is expected to sell out …

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Here are the specifications for the GTX 1070

The reviews are in and Pascal is officially here, making its début with the GTX 1080 which by all accounts, is an excellent graphics card. However, Nvidia has one other Pascal graphics card coming out fairly soon- the GTX 1070 and today, we got confirmation on some of its specifications …

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Nvidia Pascal GP104 GPU die pictured

Following on from all of the rumours pointing towards a swiftly approaching launch for Nvidia's new Pascal graphics cards, a new image has appeared online. This time, we get to have a good look at the GP104 die, specifically, the GP104-200, which is a cut down version of then GP104-400. …

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GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 shroud images posted online

The GPU Technology Conference kicks off next week and there are plenty of rumours surrounding what Nvidia might be bringing to the table. At the moment, there are rumours floating around suggesting that we may see the GTX 1080 in action and now, a week before the conference, images of …

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Nvidia could debut Pascal ‘GTX 1080’ in May

Nvidia is gearing up to launch its new Pascal GPU architecture this year. While early rumours pointed towards a Q1 2016 release it is clear that the timeline has shifted a bit. The latest unofficial word on the street is that Nvidia may launch the GTX 1080 in May, with …

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