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HTC is bundling a VIVE, Fallout 4 VR and a GTX 1070 for $799

This year, HTC has been stepping up to the plate to challenge Oculus when it comes to bundles and price cuts. Since the Rift and Touch bundle received its price cut over the Summer, HTC has cut the price of the VIVE by $100, begun bundling Fallout 4 VR and now, the company is also throwing in a GTX 1070.

The new bundle includes the VIVE headset, Fallout 4 VR and most importantly, a shiny new GTX 1070 graphics card. This particular bundle will set you back by $799 but when you consider the value side of things, the offer is quite compelling. The VIVE usually costs $600 on its own, so you are essentially getting a game and a GTX 1070 for just $200.

The bundle is only available ‘while supplies last’, so it won’t be around forever. The only other major downside is that this is only available to those in the US, so the rest of the world has been left out a bit.

If a GPU/headset/game bundle proves popular though, then we may see HTC bring similar bundles to other parts of the world. It would be perfect timing too, as we head towards the holiday season.

KitGuru Says: Are any of you currently looking at picking up a HTC VIVE? Would this sort of bundle interest you at all?

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