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For Honor Season 4 teases new heroes, maps and modes

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t the only title on Ubisoft’s belt to tease incoming content, as For Honor Season Four is fast approaching on November 14th. The Order & Havoc update will usher in two new heroes, two new maps and a whole new game mode.

While released to an underwhelming response, For Honor’s focus is primarily on its duelling mechanics and the warriors behind them. The first of the two fighters is the Aramusha, a Samurai-hybrid that dual wields katanas and excels “executing fast attacks and deploying equally quick defences.”

Joining the ranks of the Vikings is the Shaman, holding a hatchet in one hand and a dagger in the other. “The Shaman gains strength when opponents are bleeding on the battlefield, granting two skills called Blood Trance and Predator’s Mercy – the former granting health for every successful strike while the latter allows them to leap onto an opponent for a devastating attack.”

Not much detail has been revealed about the two new maps, Market Town and The Gauntlet, but these will be free to all players when the update hits, while the two new characters will be exclusive to season pass holders from the 14th until the 21st November, costing other players 15,000 Steel to unlock.

Lastly, Ubisoft is implementing Tribute Mode, a 4V4 team mode that is objective focused. Teams must work together to control three Offerings on the map, bringing them back to their respective Shrine. Once an Offering is secured, this will offer team buffs, from the Vindicator buff (boost to attack), to Guardian (regenerating shield), or Oracle (shows enemies on the map). For Honor will also introduce Ranked Dominion play for those that want to compete against others for a title.

To celebrate The Order & Havoc update release on November 14th, For Honor will experience a free weekend from November 9th until November 12th. This will include all of the game’s current modes, multiplayer options, campaign and heroes up until Season 3. Progress during the free weekend will be carried through to the main game, which will have its price cut by 60% for the weekend.

KitGuru Says: For Honor was never a game that really took me, but I was hoping its combat could influence future titles given its unique approach. Perhaps the free weekend would be a good time to pick it up again. Will The Order & Havoc update get you playing the game some more?

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