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GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 shroud images posted online

The GPU Technology Conference kicks off next week and there are plenty of rumours surrounding what Nvidia might be bringing to the table. At the moment, there are rumours floating around suggesting that we may see the GTX 1080 in action and now, a week before the conference, images of what is apparently the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cooling shroud have appeared online.

The metallic shrouds have a more angular design compared to the cooling shrouds we currently have on the GTX 700, 900 and Titan series cards. If these images are legitimate, then it also looks like Nvidia is sticking with its current naming scheme, and progressing to a 10xx-series.

GTX 1080


These images first appeared on wccftech but Videocardz did an analysis of the images themselves to dig up any signs of tampering and ended up deciding that the images appear to be fairly legitimate. However, plenty of sites were recently caught off guard by a very convincing and well made fake ‘Nintendo NX' controller prototype so a healthy dose of scepticism should be taken.

While these images themselves may be fairly clean of tampering, someone fairly skilled may have just got bored and created their own design. Perhaps we will know for sure after GTC next week.

KitGuru Says: Nvidia's new Pascal GPUs are on the way and it wouldn't be too surprising to see the current naming scheme progress with a slightly updated reference cooler. However, as always this should be treated as rumour until proven otherwise. How many of you are currently holding out for Nvidia's new Pascal graphics cards? Will you be upgrading this year? 

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