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Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11GB Review

The packaging for the Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition is very clear in highlighting the USPs of this graphics card: it’s triple fan design, full copper base plate and copper back plate, RGB lighting system, VR HDMI port and 12+2 phase power design.


The accessory bundle includes some documentation, a case badge and a power adapter. Prospective buyers will want to take note because an included registration card gives you an opportunity to extend your 3 year standard warranty to 4 years. It’s not specified if this is time-limited but it would be prudent to register as soon as possible after purchasing.

The design is striking and unique, definitely not what we’d call subtle but certainly not offensive either. Gigabyte uses three 100mm fans which are covered by an X-Shape cross member that bares the Aorus logo. Incidentally, this is removable by four Philips-head screws if so desired.

The whole shroud, aside from the X-Shape add-on, is made from metal which adds a quality feel and rigidity to the product. The centre fan, as can be seen from the close up, differs from the two outer fans. The differentiation on the design is for functional reasons: so Gigabyte can fit all three fans in length-ways without the blades hitting each other during rotation.

Technically, the centre fan spins underneath both the left and right fans by a couple of centimetres on both sides, but the unique blade design means these fans never touch. However, we aren’t sure what the impacts of overlapping fans are on the consequent airflow.

Gigabyte’s cooling solution utilises six heat pipes to route heat away from the GPU core, 5 of those finish at the tail-end of while one finishes near the rear I/O. All the key PCB power components are cooled by the cooler as shown by the large number of thermal pads and the corresponding indentations within them.

The Aorus card draws power through two 8-pins PCIe connections supporting, in theory, up to 375 watts of total power delivery for the card. This power input is channelled through a 12 phase VCore VRM and 2 phase VRAM VRM.

The HDMI port that is visible from this end of the graphics card is specifically intended for use with VR headsets.

The rear of the card uses a full metal backplate as well as secondary copper backplate specifically to cool behind the GPU. The main backplate does have thermal pads to transfer heat away from the components on the rear of the PCB so this is both a functional and aesthetic design.

The LED regions on this graphics card are as follows:

  • The Aorus logo on the rear I/O
  • The white strips on the X-Shaped cross member
  • The Aorus logo and text on the top of the graphics card
  • The Fan Stop text on top of the graphics card which only illuminates when the fan has stopped.

All the LEDs are configurable through the AORUS software but they are all treated as a single LED zone meaning they cannot be configured independently of one another.


The rear I/O is unique as far as GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards go. Gigabyte has a total of 7 connections, 6 on the rear I/O and 1 VR Mode HDMI port at the opposing end of the graphics card.

The connectivity options for this graphics card can be confusing with lots of permutations possible though Aorus has simplified it into two scenarios:

  • VR-Mode: 4 outputs can be used from any combination of the three Display Port connections and three HDMI connections. The DVI-D cannot be used in this scenario.
  • Standard Mode: 4 outputs can be used from any of the remaining outputs left after excluding HDMI2 and the VR HDMI port.

Any use of the DVI-D port will disable the VR mode so it’s an either/or scenario. Gigabyte provides an explanatory diagram with the documentation bundle so any buyers will not be left confused.

Gigabyte uses a 12+2 phase power design on the PCB capable of supplying considerably more power than the GPU will likely ever need under normal usage, even overclocked. In total it can easily deliver the maximum 375-watts of the available power connectors. Gigabyte is one of the only GPU vendors to allow a 150% power target that enables the functioning TDP of the card to be raised from 250W to 375W.

It’s not entirely clear how the power circuitry regulation is configured though it has been suggested that Gigabyte is using “quadruplers” meaning 3 true phases are turned into 12 effective phases while something like the ASUS GTX 1080 Ti STRIX uses 5 true phases going through “doublers” to get a 10 phase solution for the VCore.

This Gigabyte solution is less elegant but still results in the same power output capability as it’s main rivals, like the ASUS card. In short, it’s a high quality power delivery solution but the ASUS equivalent is slightly better. Though in real world usage you’re unlikely to ever notice a difference and overclocking limits will be limited by the silicon and not the power delivery system.

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  • Gary

    I was struggling to see the difference in paying £50 more for the extreme version although when I was looking at both cards I can see the extreme version has a bigger copper plate on the back plate behind the GPU, any chance you guys could investigate this further? Thanks

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  • Rocky40

    Nice card and very good temps I like the looks of this card as well. I do fail to see what is extreme about it mind you it is just another card released into the sea of 1080 Ti cards but if I was in the market for a new 1080 Ti this might be the right one for me because of the looks and the good temps I am a little wary of Zotac products even it if is clocked faster than this card I would choose this over the Zotac any day of the week.

    Very nice review of this card thank you very much.

  • Stephanietrichardson

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  • Unfortunately we don’t have the normal Aorus version, it was not supplied. However, we have been assured the PCB is identical and so is the main cooler. I see the difference you are alluding to but really the fact the backplate is slightly different is as far as the difference goes (clockspeed and price aside).

  • Emerest Thisk

    Looking at the top of the page at Overclockers

  • Lelisevis

    Great review, I may have missed it but that thing looks heavy as hell, any chance as part of the testing process you can start putting them on a set of scales, I mean I’m not into fat shaming but if that thing damages my Asus 170 Gene do I contact the motherboard manufacturer or the graphics card maker. I know common sense dictates the mobo maker but if I return it there has to be a point they say well surely you dropped the PC etc.
    One other thing to note with these ever growing monsters (I swear I have nothing against big people, I used to spar at heavyweight) is if you buy one of these it dictates your case choice for the next 5 years.

  • Lelisevis

    Overclockers are rarely the cheapest any more and I used to get all my parts there, the same card is £50 cheaper at Scan. I’m looking for a 1080 and they are upto £80 cheaper. They have to pay 8pack somehow ; )

  • Heathermhutchens

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  • LD

    Since this is a 2.5 slot card, would it make it harder to sli on some boards?

    I currently have an Aorus gaming 7 mobo and am thinking about doing a SLI with two of these (non extreme versions)

  • Lelisevis

    You’ll be fine on the Aorus gaming 7 with SLI I just took a look and it has loads of space, they even moved the slot below the top pcie to above it as it’s normally blocked by the gpu. SLi will run x8/x8 which makes no difference at all and the bottom slot will run x4 but this will use two lower M.2 Lanes.
    SLi with my Asus Gene is a pain in the ass with big coolers as it blocks all of the wiring on the bottom row of the motherboard, it’s the last mATX board I’ll ever buy but it was bought to fit a specific build, unfortunately the guy lost his job so I kinda got stuck with it.

  • Dishonored_Outsider

    Is kit guru gave 10 in some review?

  • Mitch

    I have this card but when i play GTA V or GR Wildlands the FPS are too low. im playing at 3440x1440p
    NO MATTER WHAT SETTINGS I MAKE ( ultra, low, med. ) when i turn the fps goes from 60 to 30-20 and its very laggy and horrible to see.
    Do you know why ?? It only happens with these games, i played overwatch and BF1 on ultra, and nothing wrong. Just with these 2 games.
    I reintstall the drivers from nvidia with a clean install, but still have the problem on that games. Right now im playing with my GTX 1070 because is more stable. i think the problem are the drivers…

  • Dave

    This card is the best 1080 ti you can get. They offer four years of warranty which is nice as well.

  • Omar Currim

    The problem is with the Gigabyte Aorus Engine.

    Uninstall that crap. It is using 20% of your CPU which is why you are lagging.

    Use Afterburner for now if you need to overclock. The Aorus software is filled with bugs.


    Also, update the BIOS to F4 as it makes the card alot more stable and cooler!

  • ddferrari

    I think some of the cons are dependent on where one lives. I just ordered the Xtreme version and it was only $25 USD over the non-Xtreme after shipping costs ($750 USD total). The Xtreme has OC mode with the click of a button that not only give higher clocks, but a decent boost in memory speed. For those who don’t want to take the time or know how to overclock, this makes everything simple. And it’s all covered under warranty since it’s provided by Gigabyte. I also think it’s unfair to list “limited OC headroom” as a con, as Gigabyte already maxed it out for us.

    I chose this card because for an extra $50 over FE, you get a way better cooling solution, RGB lighting, and a four-year warranty- one full year longer than any other model or brand I’ve come across. Undoubtedly resale value will also be higher for those few lucky/crazy souls who upgrade yearly because they demand the best and can afford it.

  • Mrflappywilly

    Why come on this review? some of can afford it.

  • Andrew

    5 mins is a bit short for this test, i think it should be 30 mins to get true results, also the chart should also display core + mem clock speeds + fps, to get understand which cards are working harder and doing more processing

  • Andrew

    by the way I have the extreme edition and get 84c about 155fps with 8xaa/4k

  • Andrew

    could be slow hdd? mine works 60fps @ 4k on 6600k no issues, even with gfx mods installed, try turning windows search service off

  • Andrew

    some people online also mention vsync, maybe force vsync in nvidia settings and turn it off in game