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AMD fighting hard to get Fusion into consoles

AMD are working hard in the efforts to get Fusion involved in the next generation console platforms. Neal Robinson, AMD’s Senior Director of Content and Application Support said that Fusion systems make sense for consoles.

Fusion should give the Xbox more headroom and a good balance between CPU and GPU core says Neal. He also added that typical console lifecycles require you to take advantage of the chipset as best you can at the introduction and over the lifecycle of the product. This means that developers can refine and tweak their software titles to take advantage of more power. Robinson also said that x86 has not been popular with games developers who prefer to use Cell, MIPS and Power.

Robinson added that the original XBOX did use x86 architecture and it proved there was great performance available with this system. He said that Sony have made a mistake of thinking that the Cell processor was capable of doing everything they needed, and that it could easily handle both CPU tasks and GPU demands. Sony had to add the GPU later in the design which caused some development problems.

Fusion architecture has the ability to scale up and down in power, so it would be a perfect fit, he said. Whether AMD have any success has yet to be seen, but maybe they are making some sense. Check out more of the interview over at XBit labs.

KitGuru says: Fusion in the upcoming consoles? Good idea?

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  • techno

    We’ve had gpu compute architectures for several years now and direct compute and opencl for over a year……and nothing much has happened…..why should having fusion apu’s change anything……I’m fast coming to the conclusion that gpu compute is the promise that never came to be.

  • bro

    Low performance Fusion for next-gen consoles is good idea. /sarcasm