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Gamers weep: Crysis 2 DX 11 patch not coming

A few days ago KitGuru ran a story, which originated on Maximum PC. Apparently Crytek were going to be adding a Direct X 11 patch to the PC version of Crysis 2. Be prepared for some bad news, because an official statement on the Crytek forums indicate that this was never going to happen. Eh, Say what?

Thanks to reader grok23 who pointed us to this thread on the official Crytek forums, it appears that someone got their wires crossed somewhere along the line. The site is slow right now so here is the statement from a Crytek employee.

German ‘Cry-Tom’ says ‘No patch was ever confirmed, I have no idea why this website (MaximumPC) even posted such information. This thread is locked just the same as the others for trying to spread inaccurate information. When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on MyCrysis, if you read something about a patch for example, but don’t see it on MyCrysis.com, then it isn’t genuine.’

We can only imagine hordes of PC gamers who have just invested in a GTX580 or GTX590 crying into their cornflakes at the news breaking now. We have no information as to how, or where this “Crysis 2 Direct X 11 patch is coming” was sourced from, but Maximum PC are a reputable American publication who aren’t likely to make it up.

Maximum PC said: “If you were looking for a DirectX 11 killer app this just might be it. You can call it a console port if you like, but this latest update will ensure Crysis 2 will be making PC’s across the globe groan for years to come.”

Sadly not, but at least the game is actually really good, even if looks like the PS3 version.

Have Crytek got a Direct X 11 patch planned for the future? Lets hope so.

KitGuru says: Many gamers feel that Crytek really should have spent some time making a PC specific version incorporating new technology. Is Direct X 9 here to stay? The way the PC gaming scene is going, it seems it still has some life in it yet. What is the point in spending £500-£600 on a top of the line video card?

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