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Gamers weep: Crysis 2 DX 11 patch not coming

A few days ago KitGuru ran a story, which originated on Maximum PC. Apparently Crytek were going to be adding a Direct X 11 patch to the PC version of Crysis 2. Be prepared for some bad news, because an official statement on the Crytek forums indicate that this was never going to happen. Eh, Say what?

Thanks to reader grok23 who pointed us to this thread on the official Crytek forums, it appears that someone got their wires crossed somewhere along the line. The site is slow right now so here is the statement from a Crytek employee.

German ‘Cry-Tom’ says ‘No patch was ever confirmed, I have no idea why this website (MaximumPC) even posted such information. This thread is locked just the same as the others for trying to spread inaccurate information. When there are any big announcements regarding Crysis 2 they will be posted on MyCrysis, if you read something about a patch for example, but don’t see it on MyCrysis.com, then it isn’t genuine.’

We can only imagine hordes of PC gamers who have just invested in a GTX580 or GTX590 crying into their cornflakes at the news breaking now. We have no information as to how, or where this “Crysis 2 Direct X 11 patch is coming” was sourced from, but Maximum PC are a reputable American publication who aren’t likely to make it up.

Maximum PC said: “If you were looking for a DirectX 11 killer app this just might be it. You can call it a console port if you like, but this latest update will ensure Crysis 2 will be making PC’s across the globe groan for years to come.”

Sadly not, but at least the game is actually really good, even if looks like the PS3 version.

Have Crytek got a Direct X 11 patch planned for the future? Lets hope so.

KitGuru says: Many gamers feel that Crytek really should have spent some time making a PC specific version incorporating new technology. Is Direct X 9 here to stay? The way the PC gaming scene is going, it seems it still has some life in it yet. What is the point in spending £500-£600 on a top of the line video card?

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  • Earthcontrol

    maximum PC arent a joke site. someone in the know must have said something. and then they realised that it would take too long.

    I hate crytek, their public relations and total disregard for the PC enthusiast audience annoys me. They leak their own game, then complain people pirate it and dont service the community.


  • grok23

    The thing is that the statement by Cry Tom doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be a DX11 patch. It only means that the one announced in that article as coming today wasn’t real. As ever though the abysmal Crytek communications policy means that nobody in the public has a clue what is likely to happen or when and the customers just get more and more angry.

    There is some kind of patch due at the end of the week, which they have announced, though as usual they give almost no information about it.

    Most are really hoping that they will patch in DX11 at some point, as it was promised as being in the game for the last year or two. Getting any info from Crytek about it though is harder than getting blood from a stone.

  • Xavier

    There is a thread on another gaming forum which says that DX11 was never planned, nor is it on the cards. They made this for consoles, cause thats where the money is. they complain about losing too much money on the PC.

    Of course they leak the code then bitch afterwards. They are a bunch of retards.

  • Nobody

    Everyone complains about piracy, and that PC doesn’t give money to developers. But As it clearly understood, that everyone makes money from PC community, because ppl got nothing for prices of console games. Every console has it’s own game, developed and optimized for each console. But PC users have only ports, and they pay money beforehand, hoping that it isn’t another crappy port. And maybe PC users are smarter, that don’t buy this crap. So how the heck they want to earn money, if they don’t make efforts. Noone will waste money for game that is worse than on console.
    So dear developers- show that you care about PC community, and last ones will give you your precious- money.

  • Josh

    LOL dx11 IS comming, there have been posts from the devs, which have been removed talking about how much head room is left for dx11 and how theyre working on it not to mention nvidia have said dx11 is going to be in c2 unless you have your head in thwe dirt you would know its comming its just a matter of when, the only way it could not be comming is if they ballsed up to the point of no return and while my confidence in crytech has been shaken by the dx9 only release im sure theyre not so incopitant that they cant make dx11 work…. if you want to host a comuter site get ur heads out of the dirt and stop reporting bs

  • Claydrummer05

    This article is a complete fail. The PATCH COMING TOMORROW WAS NEVER CONFIRMED. This does not mean there is no DX11 patch in the works! The patch has been confirmed by Crytek, it just is not coming for some time!

  • Longhorn

    You idiots who think a DX11 patch is coming need to get your heads straight. Crytek are KNOWN to change their minds every other week. The DX11 patch WAS planned for this week. thats why MaximumPC posted about it. They heard from an employee it was coming. You think maximumPC make stuff up? No they DONT!

    Crytek have changed their mind, it is taking them too long and too much resources are involved. Who knows they might end up making one if nvidia give them enough money, but thats all this company want. is money. until they get enough from making it they wont. Thats why they basically abandoned the PC platform and just do crappy ports now.

    Seriously, people need to wake up. especially when they get so nasty about it.

  • Wanndog

    Crytek? bleh. I gave up hope for them some time ago.

    They release Crysis, put the most restrictive protection on it so that when people activate it a few times it stops working. This fuels the piracy network (and rightly so, people who paid for it had a nightmare).

    They bitch that pc users are copying it. and concentrate on shitty consoles.

    They announce Crysis 2, make it for consoles, then in a half assed effort just port the code from 360 over to PC. They then leak Crysis 2 from an internal source and bitch about the piracy. Eh? Get so much flak from gamers that they promise a DX11 patch to ‘make it all better’.

    MaximumPC are told this and publish a story on it, unknowingly not aware of how Crytek change their mind like the wind changes direction.

    Crytek have been promising DX11 code since the game was announced and it looks as if its too much cost for them. IF they continue getting hassle over it, they might very well update some of the textures and lighting to shut people up. but dont hold your breath. they dont give a rats ass about the PC market. they never did, they just get a lot of pressure from nvidia to make it better on pc, but if they can get away with it, they wont.

    If they end up making a patch in august, who gives a shit? everyone will have lost interest by then.

    People who come to their defense need shot.

  • Vapus

    DX 11 wont do anything to help this game, Tiny levels, horrible AI , Crappy Texture assets.. at the very best it will improve lighting.. BIG deal.. The game is a Turd and eventually everyone will figure that out