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Cryo Nemesis System Review (Sandybridge, 4.8ghz)

Rating: 9.0.

Not everyone is comfortable building a performance computer from scratch, so from time to time we ask for certain systems to be sent into our labs for analysis. One of our favourite UK system builders are Cryo Performance Computing, based in Bucks in England. When I first reviewed one of their systems years ago it was like a breath of fresh air, because I knew immediately that these guys really do know how to make a killer computer.

Today we are looking at their Nemesis PC. This is a system built around a stunning red anodised Lian Li chassis and loaded with mouth watering components, such as an Intel Core i7 2600k, Asus Maximus Extreme Motherboard, Corsair H70 cooler, Corsair AX PSU and Crucial Real SSD. This is set to be a gaming powerhouse, and at £1695 inc vat, it won’t break the bank either.

Can Cryo deliver the goods again?

  • Red Anodised PC-8FIR Chassis, with window side
  • Asus Maximus Extreme IV P67 board
  • Intel i7 2600K CPU, @ Cryo Boost 4.8GHz
  • Corsair H70 cooling
  • Corsair PC3-12800 RAM 2x 2GB, latency OC C7
  • nVidia GTX 580 1536MB, Cryo Boost
  • Corsair Pro Gold 750W PSU
  • Samsung S223 22x DVD-RW
  • Crucial 128GB Real SSD
  • Samsung F3 1TB HDD
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • Onboard HD 7.1 sound
  • Warranty 3 years RTB as standard across the range, with options to extend to 5 years
  • Upgrade Assurance free for 3 years
  • For a limited period we will be throwing in a FREE Corsair HS1 headset

Total cost £1,695 inc vat and operating system.

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