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Adobe Flash Player 10.1 – ATi Stream, Catalyst 10.6

Adobe Flash is such a heavily used medium that, finally, we are pleased to see some genuine improvements brought to the platform with ATI Stream technology. Sure, a high end enthusiast desktop system will not be running into issues with flash content but for a mobile platform or low powered media center, GPU offloading will really make a noticeable real world difference.

While the tests on the previous page show marked improvements as CPU processing is offloaded to the GPU, they don't actually explain many of the real world benefits.

Using many low powered laptops and netbooks in the past I would often get dropped frames when viewing flash content but the system would also be much less responsive. An example? watching a youtube clip in an airport and emails appear in the inbox. Moving between Internet browser and outlook could be a laggy process and often I would be waiting for many seconds for the processor to free enough time up to handle the request.

Another downside would be reduced battery life due to the CPU being in a constant state of high load. ATi Stream technology will really help to eleviate these issues.

Catalyst 10.6 brings new features to the mix which offer a wide array of noise reduction and picture enhancements and we have covered these in our other article published today based around the HQV 2.0 Benchmark.

KitGuru says: We recommend all ATI HD owners have a look at the new features, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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