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Asus EAH5750 Formula Radeon HD 5750 review

We measured temperatures with various diodes and recorded the results after loading the cards in Crysis Warhead for 30 minutes. Room ambient temperatures were maintained via air conditioning at 25c throughout testing.

At idle, the card runs at the same temperature as a reference HD5750 and under load we initially recorded the same temperatures which was worrying. We checked the core of the Asus HD5750 and found that there was very little thermal paste present – it is hard to know if this issue was due to a previous reviewer or just a ‘glitch’ during the card build. We rectified this by applying some standard paste and retesting – we also checked the reference card and used the same thermal paste to ensure as even a playing ground as possible. Again the temperatures were the same at idle, and 4c less under full load which is not a huge improvement.

Noise from both cards was identical, both quiet under general use, raising a little under extended load. Manually setting the fans to 100% on both created a similar whirlwind noise effect which is rather unpleasant.

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