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Asus EAH5750 Formula Radeon HD 5750 review

Rating: 6.5.

Asus are one of the largest and most successful technology companies on the planet right now – producing some of the finest motherboards known to man with particular emphasis on engineering and build quality.  All these efforts do not go unnoticed by the enthusiast however as their annual turnover is always billions of dollars.

Not many people would argue that the AMD 5xxx series has been an incredible success … fantastic performance, wicked DX11 capabilities while still managing to remain competitively priced. In the latest of our articles to focus on graphics cards with proprietary cooling systems we look at a product called the Formula HD5750. Yep, if you look closer you will see that the cooler is shaped to resemble a Formula race car.

The Asus Formula HD5750 features 1GB of GDDR5 memory and Asus claim it runs 13% cooler than the reference design. Let’s take a look ….

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  • Death Dealer

    I am in work so I haven’t had time to read the whole review. I did read the conclusion however and it looks disappointing. I read the HARDOCP review also a while ago and it seems you had more success than they did. They actually reported the card running hotter ! perhaps the lack of paste is a factor issue? The cooler is very odd looking, not sure I like it at all.

  • Eric K

    Just goes to show that even Asus, one of the finest companies on the market can occassionally drop the ball.

  • Tom Treyfair

    Shit ! I have his card ! mine runs quite hot too, im going to take it apart later to see if it is the paste ! thanks !

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