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Asus EAH6850 Direct CU Overclock Edition Review

Unfortunately when using the Catalyst Control Center we are limited to 850mhz and we wanted to try and push the card further. We therefore decided to try the new beta of the Sapphire TriXX software which worked great.

The overclock we achieved was very impressive. A 27.7% increase on the core – reaching 1009mhz and 18.3% on the memory, reaching 1183mhz. Temperatures only increased by 5c under Furmark (load), which was equally as impressive. This was achieved with voltage at 1300mV.

The Asus card will accept voltage past 1.4V but we found that the gains were only 20mhz more and the temperatures would hit over 90c which is not advisable long term. Obviously every card will overclock to different levels, but we were impressed with this product and the headroom on the core.

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