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Polls show Apple mobile users most loyal, Microsoft the worst

A recent GiK survey shows that 56 percent of smartphone owners in key global markets are keeping their options open regarding which phone they would buy next. Only Apple has shown a significant percentage of loyalty, which is not entirely that surprising.

What is rather concerning however is that Microsoft’s phone owners show the lowest percentage of loyalty at only 21 percent. When you compare this with Apples stonking 59 percent loyalty rate, you begin to wonder if Microsoft should just quit and stick with operating systems.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry scored a 35 percent loyalty rating while Android rated at only 28 percent. Nokia put in a poor showing with only 24 percent wanting to return.

Antenna issues? it doesnt matter! Apple have the most loyal user base.

These surveys should really be taken with a pinch of salt however, we believe that while they are capable of discerning some trends in the market, that the numbers drawn are never enough to give an accurate picture. This survey called about 2,653 mobile phone users in Germany, Spain, Brazil, UK, USA and China.

KitGuru says: While this is probably not totally indicative of a worldwide audience, it would verify what we already know. Apple users are certainly extremely loyal.

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