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Asus GTX780 Ti ROG Matrix Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we follow on from our recent analysis of the remarkable ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q 144hz G-Sync monitor and focus on the partner card for that review – the Asus GTX780 Ti ROG Matrix. ASUS claim this card is created around ‘hand chosen cores’ to ensure the highest levels of performance. Asus use a sophisticated 14 phase power system, with digital voltage regulation and the highest grade Japanese made 10k black metallic capacitors. The GTX780 Ti ROG Matrix is supplied in a highly overclocked state, but can it justify the equally high £649.99 asking price?

Today we pit the Asus GTX780 Ti ROG Matrix against a handful of the fastest cards that money can buy, at both 1600p and Ultra HD 4K resolutions.

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  • Keith Jesso

    Why always the talk of 6gb cards? Every benchmark I read suggests it doesn’t help a Titan Black leverage again a 780 Ti. I play games in 4k with two 780 Ti’s in sli and never see my vram usage hit 100%. The issue vs AMD cards is the 384 vs 512 bit bus. A Titan Black is simply wasteful for gaming purposes.

  • Ray Scali

    I am looking to get another 780ti for sli 2 way.. I game in 1440p Surround.. Will I be able to obtain 60fps on very high settings?

  • druout1944 .

    7680x1440p is very demanding; SLI 980Tis is what I use, but I use my 780Tis for 2650x1440p. I think if the 780Tis had 6GB of VRAM instead of 3GB they would do ok @7680×1440.

  • Ray Scali

    So true, I have my Asus Rog Matrix 780ti on ebay as we speak, I will miss it for sure though, decided to go for 980ti’s – for the ports at the back too.