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EVGA US clear up EU ‘communication issues’ with Kingpin GTX1080 ti card

The latest EVGA Kingpin GTX1080 ti graphics card has created such an excitment within the KitGuru community that we have been innudated in the last 24 hours by readers requesting a sample for review from the company. As we detailed in the article from earlier today Jan from EVGA Europe said that it was important we would ONLY test this card with Liquid Nitrogen, even though we explained that many KitGuru readers who were gamers wanted us to help with a possible buying decision. Was the supplied air cooler actually any good?

A short while ago Jacob Freeman in EVGA America got in touch with us and explained that there were some miscommunication issues from the European Division.

Jacob Freeman was keen to point out that EVGA are very proud of their cooler design and while the card is focusing on the LN2 market, that it makes a fantastic solution for the discerning high end enthusiast gamer.

Jacob said “The air cooler on the 1080 Ti K|NGP|N is robust and is even improved in a couple of ways over the cooler that we use on the FTW3 card (which most would agree is one of the best out there):

    • New heatpipe arrangement for improved heat distribution
    • Copper coated fins for improved heat dissipation
    • Separate GPU/VRM baseplate (so you can use a dedicated GPU cooler and still have VRM cooling)

These cards are also coming out of the box guaranteed to run at an overclock of at least 2025MHz, even with air cooling.

With that being said, the Kingpin card can show the most benefit and really stretch its legs under water or even more exotic cooling. That is where the new 14 Phase Digital VRM, and various other improvements to the card show, also this is where the card can outperform most of the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti’s on the market by a vast margin. I apologize that this was not communicated in a more clear way.”

Jacob was perfectly happy with us testing the air cooler alongside LN2 results with some help from our good friend 8PACK and we hope to have some detailed analysis published on the card, in the near future. Thanks to Jacob for taking the time to speak with me directly today.

If you missed our coverage of the Kingpin GTX1080ti card so far please refer back to this editorial for some more juicy details.

KitGuru says: LN2 is an important test for this particular solution, but we are glad to see that EVGA understand that many high end gamers are also interested in the rather striking, custom, triple fan air cooling solution.

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  • Evan Warnock

    MUCH BETTER πŸ˜€ i look forward to the Review, As always πŸ™‚

  • Steven Morrison

    Well at least someone has a clue. Good to see the yanks have common sense

  • John

    After all my bitching earlier – bleh, what a waste of energy. Anyway, good move EVGA – look forward to seeing the review, and some 8pack LN2 magic too!

  • Katrinacready

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  • Ben Smith

    I really can’t think of any reason to buy this card unless you plan on using ln2 phase change, dice, ect, just seems like such a huge waste to me. Guess some people just want “the best” even if it won’t bring any improvements to their application.