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HIS HD6870 CrossFireX Review

Rating: 9.0.

AMD have been in charge of the DX11 battlefield since their HD5000 series cards were released last year. It took nVidia many more months to come to market with competitive solutions and while their GTX480 and GTX470 received a half hearted welcome, the GTX460 has literally taken the mid market by storm. Many partners have released custom solutions with enhanced coolers and clock speeds. The new AMD HD6870 has been released to tackle the GTX460’s domination with similar pricing levels.

Firstly we need to address the naming conventions, because many enthusiasts have gotten a little confused.  The HD6870 isn’t a direct replacement for the HD5870 – AMD’s goal was to deliver similar levels of performance from the HD6870 but at a much lower price. The serious high end HD6900 cards are due for release in November.

The HD5870 first hit the market at £350, while the HD6870 will cost less than £199 … an incredible pricepoint achievement if the new AMD hardware can go head to head with the giant killing GTX460 – the source of this pricing war.

The ‘Barts’ codenamed products are aimed at the sub $250 market, while the forthcoming ‘Cayman’ and ‘Antilles’ are higher end and significantly more expensive.

HIS HD6870
Core Clock Speed
Stream Processors
Frame Buffer
Compute Power
2.0 TFLOPs
Memory Width/Speed
256bit, 4.2GBPS
Idle/Load Board Power
Power Connectors
Dual 6 Pin
Display Outputs
2xDVI + 2x mDP + 1 HDMI

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  • Roger

    Boring reference design but crossfire performance is fantastic.

  • Tim

    Their pricing is fantastic, there are price wars aplenty right now, they seem to be dropping every day !

  • Garry

    HD6870 is still disappointing I think compared to 6850, but we will only be able to judge it when third party versions hit the market.

  • Sam

    These are down to 179 quid in the UK today !

  • Harry

    The pricing is different on every store I visit,. its a bit of a nightmare getting set figures for either 70 or 50.

  • Raymond Tren

    wicked. two 6850s in CFX for me.

  • Colin

    Excellent pricing but 460 is still good

  • Frank

    I like the fact they have quietened the card down compared to reference design, however does anyone like the reference cooling? seems madness to buy now when we all know that better coolers will be announced for the same price in a month.

  • Akash

    The 6870s are impressive but the 6850’s are bullshit because amd sumbitted 6850 with 1120 cores(6870) instead of 960 or whatever which proves that the results for the 6850 were just liek downclocked 6870s

  • as I said in the other discussion. not all 6850s had the higher count.

  • Akash

    I realised sorry 🙂