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KFA2 GeForce GTX 580 Anarchy Edition SLI Review (1.536GB DDR5)

For this review we are using one of the fastest systems we have in our labs. The Intel Core i7 990x overclocked to 4.8ghz with 24GB of DDR3 memory, running at 1866mhz. This system is liquid cooled.

We test under real world conditions and don't focus at resolutions of just 2560×1600. We know only a very small portion (less than 1%) of the audience own a 30 inch screen.

System Validation is available here

Processor: Core i7 990X Extreme Edition @ 4.8ghz
: Corsair H100 Liquid Cooler
: Asus Rampage III Black Edition
: Lian Li X2000F
Power Supply
: ADATA 1200W
: (6 x 4GB) 24GB Visiontek DDR3 1866mhz (10-10-10-24)
: Intel 120GB SSD & 2TB Samsung storage drive
: Dell U3011 & Dell U2410 x 3.

Comparison cards:
AMD HD6990
AMD HD6970
AMD HD6950
AMD HD6870
Nvidia GTX590
Nvidia GTX570

Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
Unigine Heaven Benchmark
3DMark Vantage
3DMark 11
Fraps Professional
Steam Client

Technical Monitoring and Test Equipment:
Nikon D3X with R1C1 kit.
Keithley Integra unit.
Thermal Diodes.
Calibrated power meter.
Raytek Laser Temp Gun 3i LSRC/MT4 Mini Temp.
Extech digital sound level meter & SkyTronic DSL 2 Digital Sound Level Meter.

Alien V Predator
Lost Planet 2
F1 2011
Battlefield 3
Witcher 2
Resident Evil 5
Total War: Shogun 2

All the latest BIOS updates and drivers are used during testing. We perform generally under real world conditions, meaning KitGuru tests games across five closely matched runs and then average out the results to get an accurate median figure. If we use scripted benchmarks, they are mentioned on the relevant page.

Some game descriptions are edited from Wikipedia.

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