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KFA2 GeForce GTX 580 Anarchy Edition SLI Review (1.536GB DDR5)

Rating: 9.0.

We know that Kitguru readers love video cards with enhanced cooling, so today’s product review will certainly get the juices flowing. We are going to be testing two of the latest KFA2 Geforce GTX580 ‘Anarchy Edition’ cards in SLI. These cards feature the excellent Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus with tri fan cooling solution.

Nvidia’s GTX580 is without question one of the best graphics cards of all time, they are reasonably priced and make mincemeat of even the most taxing Direct X 11 games. We have never reviewed a KFA2 product before, so we are interested to see if their quality control makes the grade. With an Arctic Cooling solution onboard should this be making your immediate shortlist for a new system upgrade? With a 2 year warranty offered, clearly KFA2 are confident with the product design.

Today we test not one, but two of these cards inside one of the fastest gaming systems on the planet with an Intel Core i7 990x overclocked to a shade under 5 ghz.

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  • Flo

    excellent, been waiting on a review of these for a very long time

  • Nick

    Amazon have them also. I ordered one there, great deal and thanks for review.

  • Harry

    Lol that power drain for the system is insane. I was drooling, but im glad I dont have it,. my electricity bill would be insane.

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  • Kenny

    haha, total overkill. gotta love tech. Not sure id like the bill for a years worth of gaming on that system though.

    Nice idea to work with arctic. I think sapphire did for a while on a range of cards didnt they?

  • Dan

    impressive, never heard of the company. their website is great too. hope to see more of their products here

  • 8rtrj

    the power drain scares me for that full system. mine consumes less than 200 watts!

  • thestoo

    @ the cons
    SLI cables come with SLI capable motherboards
    It does come with a free game (even in the link product)
    No mention that it is a triple slot cooler and thus will only fit certain motherboards in

  • Paddy o.

    Mine didnt come with a free game, bought it on amazon. The batman deal is with nvidia on seleected stores.

  • Paul McGrath

    It is a disgrace these cards dont come with an SLI connector. My MSI motherboard has an SLI connector with it, but its a HARD, inflexible style connector not designed for cards of this size, so it wouldnt work. A high end card like this with a custom cooler should be supplied with a large flexible SLI connector.

  • Hakuren

    If lowest price is the main deciding factor then yes. If performance and engineering of the card then most definitely no.

    MSI Lighting 580 (not ridiculously overpriced Extreme Ed.) beats KFA2 580A in every test. And MSI TF3 cooling is well worth the extra few quids in price. It keeps card very cool – below 40C. In stress you can also get few degrees off vs KFA. And most important thing – cooling is a 2 slot solution which means you can easily squeeze 4 of such monsters in one case. It is pretty much impossible with KFA580A – you can do that only with min. 10 PCI slot case using PCI Express x16 risers/extenders (extra cost which nullify the advantage in price – risers are not cheap).

  • Russ

    MSI lightning 580 is ok at best, I want this one 🙂


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  • Diablo 3

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