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MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC (Twin Frozr IV) Review

Rating: 9.5.

We have always been impressed with the high end MSI graphics cards, thanks in part to the excellent Twin Frozr cooling solutions. Today we look at the latest GTX 670 Power Edition which features a factory configured overclock and the latest Twin Frozr IV cooler. Is this the ideal card to be shortlisting for a new gaming system?

Nvidia’s GTX670 has proven popular with the enthusiast gaming audience and for good reason. The price point is certainly very tempting, often costing £100+ less than the GTX680 and HD7970 flagship models.

We already know that an overclocked GTX670 will give the more expensive GTX680 a close run battle. On paper, the MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC should be ass kickingly good. That said, it doesn’t always translate as we would imagine from paper to the real world, so let’s take a look at the card.

The MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC ships with the proprietary Twin Frozr IV metal cooler with multiple heatpipes and dual fan configuration. How does this card slot into the current high end?

Product Nvidia GTX670 MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC Nvidia GTX680 AMD HD7970
Transistors 3540m 3540m 3500m 4310m
Core Clock 915 mhz+ 1020 mhz+ 1006mhz+ 925mhz
Memory clock 1,502mhz 1,502mhz 1502mhz 1375mhz
Shaders 1344 1344 1536 2048
ROPs 32 32 32 32
Memory 2GB 2GB 2GB 3GB
Memory bus width 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 384 bit

The MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC has received a core clock increase to 1,020mhz, with an effective Core Boost Clock to 1098MHz. The memory speed hasn’t been changed over the reference card, clocked at 1,502mhz (6,008mhz effective).

Scan are currently taking pre-orders in the UK for £327.20 inc vat, with the release due in the next couple of weeks. Is it worth your hard earned cash?

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  • Stevie

    MSI FTW! twin frozr rocks.

  • Paradis

    Excellent design, ive never owned an msi card before.

    Is this as good as asus 670 direct cu ii?

  • Lefos ff

    On my new shortlist. Hoping the price will drop another 20 quid.

  • Sven

    Wow, impressive. price is good. although id aim for £250 for a new gaming system GFX. I only game at 1080p max and dont often use AA!

  • nine4v

    Is this card out in the UK yet?

  • Scan are still taking preorders, but it shouldnt be too long now.

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