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MSI GTX780 Lightning 3GB Graphics Card Review

Total War ROME 2 is the eighth stand alone game in the Total War series, it is the successor to the successful Rome: Total War title. The Warscape Engine powers the visuals of the game and the new unit cameras will allow players to focus on individual soldiers on the battlefield, which in itself may contain thousands of combatants at a time. Creative Assembly has stated that they wish to bring out the more human side of war this way, with soldiers reacting with horror as their comrades get killed around them and officers inspiring their men with heroic speeches before siege towers hit the walls of the enemy city. This will be realised using facial animations for individual units, adding a feel of horror and realism to the battles.
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To test the cards today we use the EXTREME profile settings shown above at both 1920×1080 and 2560×1600 resolutions.
rome 2 1920
The GTX Titan holds the top position at these settings, although the average frame rate variable holds within a single frame per second.
rome 2560
The MSI GTX780 Lightning takes top spot at 2560×1600 and is the only card to hold the frame rate constantly above 30 fps.

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