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MSI GTX780 Lightning 3GB Graphics Card Review

For our overclocking tests today we used the latest version of MSI Afterburner, which is based around Rivatuner.
Both GTX Titan and MSI GTX780 Lightning have plenty of headroom on the core. We managed to overclock the Lightning card to a staggering 1,122mhz, the highest yet for a GTX780. The fine control over the three fans helps a lot to ensure the components have adequate cooling, although it can get noisy above 60% fan settings.
The massive 21% overclock from the GTX Titan core pushes the performance to the top of the chart, even factoring in another 14.4% from the GTX 780 core.
Again, similar results to the 3DMark 11 OC score – the GTX Titan takes top spot, although it is quite close.

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