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PowerColor HD6870 Eyefinity 6 Edition CrossfireX Review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru has reviewed many AMD HD6870 graphics cards in 2011, but today we are looking at something very special, the Powercolor HD 6870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card.

This particular board is supplied with a custom heatpipe cooler, 6 mini DisplayPorts and an additional 1GB of memory to ensure that performance is strong at very high, multi screen resolutions.

This card is based around a Barts XT GPU with 1120 stream processors. The core is clocked to 900mhz and the 2GB of GDDR5 memory is paired up with a 256 bit memory interface which runs at an effective 4200mhz.

Those of you who dislike reference cooling solutions will be pleased to see that this particular edition is cooled by Powercolor’s dual slot heatpipe solution, which is meant to offer better cooling performance while reducing the noise levels.


Graphics Engine Powercolor HD6870 Eyefinity 6
Video Memory 2GB GDDR5
Engine Clock 900MHz
Memory Clock 1050MHz (4.2Gbps)
Memory Interface 256bit
DirectX® Support 11
Bus Standard PCIE 2.1
Standard Display Connecors Mini‐DisplayPort x 6
Feature Support
OpenGL Supported
CrossFireX™ Technology Supported
ATI Stream Technology Supported
ATI Eyefinity Technology Supported
ATI Hypermemory Technology
Display Support
VGA Output
DVI Output Single Link DVI-D x2 (By Adapter)
DisplayPort On Board (Mini DP) x6
TV Output
HDTV Output
HDCP Support Supported
Maximum Resolution
VGA 2048×1536
DVI 2560×1600
DisplayPort 2560×1600
HDMI 1920×1200
Power Specs + Board Dimensions
Board Dimensions 241.3mmx111.2mmx38mm
Minimum System Power requirement (W) 500W
Extention Power Connector Two 6-Pin PCI Express Power Connectors

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  • Rufus

    Damn this is a seriously sexy HD6870, really loved that article, wish I could afford the panels. 🙁

  • Seth

    Thats a hell of a card, the HD6870 doesnt get much attention, but its a good pricepoint normally. quite affordable.

  • Harry

    I need to get another 6850 for my system, hopefully in August 🙂

  • Stevie

    Good boards, but powercolor dont have a good warranty system in the UK, always worth pointing out I think.

  • k0rn

    6 mini displayports, very nice. Wish they would supply six mini displayport screens in the box with it :p

  • Dell hater

    How many people have 3 or 4 screens though? its rather hardcore, even for this audience, I would say.

  • Francis

    they should make a 6970 version of this card too, thats wicked

  • Vannirt

    The 6870 is a good card, but I opted for the 560 as I will never use more than one screen at home and I got a good deal on one at the time.

    regardless these are good boards, and if I had a bigger desk or more money I would have gotten two 6850s or 6870s

  • Colm

    The 6 series is really good for CFx. the scaling always impresses me. shame it needs driver profiles though. wish AMD could crack an ‘all in one dual card profile’. my biggest problem with it, that sometimes AMD take a month to add a profile and id have the game beaten by then.

  • Brian

    Im afraid if I was opting for 4 screens id get two 6970’s.