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Powercolor HD6870 PCS+ Review

Rating: 9.0.

Well it was a long time coming, but finally we have a HD6870 with a custom cooling solution. Powercolor have just released the HD6870 PCS+ graphics card which is not only supplied with a rather sexy heatpipe cooler, but substantial overclocks.

Both HD6850 and HD6870 were received warmly by the enthusiast audience, specifically due to the extremely competitive price points. An overclocked HD6870 for instance could hold onto the performance levels of the last generation HD5870, for a portion of the price.

As with most reference AMD products, we found the HD6870 cooler to be rather disappointing and have been waiting patiently for a partner to release a modified card. Powercolor are the first to hit the KitGuru labs and we have high hopes that this will be a substantial improvement over the reference design.

Powercolor HD6870 PCS+
Core Speed 940mhz
Memory 1GB GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth 256 bit
Memory Speed 1100mhz (4.4Gbps effective)
Eyefinity Yes
Direct X Support DX11
Crossfire X Yes
Output DL-DVI, SL-DVI, HDMI/ 2x mini display port
Game Bundle Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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  • Tim

    Excellent, but I just wonder are they starting to encroach into the price sector planned out for the 6970? I hear it will be around 300 inc vat, so this could very well only be 60 less. which means it might not be quite the deal !

  • Tech Head

    Well I wasnt expecting powercolor to be out first 🙂 nice board indeed. very impressive.

  • Roger

    This is very sexy, worth it for the cooler alone, im not that bothered about the overclocks out of the box.

  • Chaos

    Nice cooler but bring on the 6970

  • Seth

    Fucking sweet man. if I had the money right now id be all over this. Might wait for the 6970 tho and save a few more months !

  • Tri Color

    Powercolor are kicking ass and taking names lately. They still have a ways to go before they get the acclaim that sapphire do, but I really like the company. never let me down yet

  • Harry

    Weill be good to see how this handles against the black edition from XFX.

  • Joseph

    10 more sounds like a bargain to me. any ideas when this is out, soon I hope?

  • Garry

    Cooler looks brilliant. Nothing really that awesome mind you, much like their last generation cooler.

  • fluffychicken

    I dont for the love of god see why anyone needs a GTX580 with the performance levels one of these generates at half the price. even on a 24 inch screen, its pointless.

    Awesome review KG.

  • For3skiz

    Well, this just hits the spot. im an nvidia lover however so ill not move, but tis nice to see competition.

  • francis

    Hey, nothing wrong with powercolor. its just idiots on the net who keep saying sapphire are the only make they will buy.

  • Gweneth

    I had a powercolor card years ago and it died, they didnt replace it, and I gave up and swore never again. I think their UK support is poor, unless it has improved recently. im afraid its XFX or sapphire for me.

  • needs more black

    You know Kitguru, your benchmarks would be much readable if you used black or dark background. It just needs more contrast. This way they’re not very easy on the eyes.

  • Quite happy with the benchmarks

    Love the product from powercolor, I hope to see XFX and sapphires models soon.

  • Andres

    Since you received word from PowerColor directly, may I ask if you could ask them when are they going to release the Radeon HD 6970 with the PCS+ cooler? Thanks.

    In fact, I was going to purchase this very same card, until I heard of the new models being released (I didn’t know they were ready for launch), so I decided to wait a little just for a review on the (future, hope) PowerColor PCS+ 6970. Thanks again!