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Apple iOS 4.2.1. released and jailbroken

Apple must be collectively banging heads on desks right about now, as iOS 4.2.1. is already jailbroken.

The Dev-Team have created a Redsnow version that can break any iOS 4.2.1 device, however the jailbreak is still tethered which means that jailbroken units have to be plugged into a computer and booted in jailbreak mode if they lose power or reboot.

Thin Lizzy, working with the Dev-Team. not really, no – but what a great song.

The jailbreak also has yet to support 3G and 3GS devices in this current build, but it will be added soon.

For more information, check out this page. If something goes wrong with your Apple product however, don’t blame us.

KitGuru says: Its a constant battle for Apple, will they ever give up? We don’t think so.

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