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Powercolor Radeon HD5850 PCS+ Video Card review

The Powercolor Radeon HD5850 PCS+ Video card is supplied in a tower shaped box with what looks to be a futuristic car on the front. I am not really sure of this recent fascination with racing cars … perhaps far east engineers are frustrated F1 drivers.

It is a rather bland looking box which certainly won’t help to sell them within a store environment.

The package contains a Driver CD (well out of date), a quick install guide, Dirt 2 Coupon for Steam, Crossfire bridge and a DVI adapter.

The card itself is rather attractive with a centralised fan system – built on a traditionally coloured red ATI PCB.

It is nice to see a PCB like this again as it always gives me a nostalgic feeling of the ‘good old days’ when all ATI cards were red.

The heatpipes are set into matched pairs, a pair of narrow links and a wider set – ensuring a good transfer of heat from the core.

The fan has a Power color logo stuck to the middle area and the substantial heatsink can be seen behind the blades.

The card draws power from two 6 pin PCI-e power connectors – keeping with the reference power design.

The card is supplied with two dual link DVI’s as well as Displayport and HDMI out. This also adheres to the reference design.

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