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Sapphire HD5550 Ultimate Edition review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru has already reviewed many products in ATI’s impressive 5xxx series over the last month and today we are finally going to get a chance to play with a HD5550 model.

The HD5550 is a low profile graphics card which is perfect for small form factor chassis and home theater PC’s while offering enough power to cope with light gaming requirements. It is fully Direct X 11 compliant and also supports EyeFinity Technology while only demanding a total of 40w under load.

The Sapphire HD5550 Ultimate Edition we are looking at today is a passively cooled solution and is modestly priced at around £70 inc vat in the UK. Could this be the perfect, cool running, low power HTPC card with DX11 support?

The Sapphire cards we have looked at so far have all walked away with awards so we are interested to find out if this lower end model can also dominate its respective sector.

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