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Sapphire HD6970 Battlefield 3 Flex Edition Review (Limited Edition)

Rating: 9.0.

Sapphire are AMD’s largest graphics partner and today we are looking at something very special – the new HD6970 Sapphire Flex with Vapor X cooler, which not only comes with a proprietary cooling solution, but with a free copy of the brand new Battlefield 3 game. This will be a strictly ‘limited edition’ release on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Sapphire have been making some of the finest graphics cards this year and this Limited Edition card looks on paper to be one of their greatest. Sapphire have included a dual BIOS switch allowing users to choose between two performance settings. The ‘normal’ setting has clock speeds of 880MHz for the core and 1375Mhz (5.5Gb/sec effective) for the memory, and a quiet fan profile, whilst the ‘boost’ setting raises the core clock to 930MHz, as well as increasing the core voltage, fan speed and overclock limits to deliver higher performance.

If you want to push the card even further, then the Sapphire TriXX software tool will allow for manual interaction. Today we will test the card with a variety of games and benchmarks, measuring power drain and performance with Battlefield three in Eyefinity, across three 24 inch screens.

Should you treat yourself to the Sapphire HD6970 Battlefield 3 Flex Edition as an end of year treat?

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  • Harry

    THe price is pretty good, but some of the GTX580s have dropped in price recently too, £380 ish. Nice to see them working out a deal for BF3.

  • Thomas

    Is battlefield 3 any good? havent played it yet.

  • Iain

    Cant see it anywhere for sale yet. is this a preorder on any store im missing?

  • Davis

    Love the vapor X cooler, got one on my GFX too 🙂

  • Optix

    If you were buying one today, would you get this or the twin fan XFX ?

  • Nana

    Battlefield is £30 for PC. This is a very good price.

  • Peter

    Nice, good temps and cooler

  • Angus

    No one is stocking it, or evenon preorder

  • Raymond

    I like sapphire cards, i want their 6990 but cant get one anywhere

  • Paul

    Great. Good luck to all wo entered the comp. Hope i win!

  • Unino

    Love it! Cant wait to play bf3. They make good hardware

  • Billy

    Why buy one of these. New cards will be out in a few months

  • Lenny m.

    Vapor x rocks. Dual bios switch is a good idea. Any ideas when we might be able to get it? Ive held off buying bf3 for this now

  • Scottie

    6970 is a great card, but i bought the 6959 and modded it to 6970 cost me 210
    Last month

  • Kyle

    @Billy …and why buy those cards coming out in a few months when new cards will come out a few months after those? lol

  • Scottie

    I agree you gotta jump in sometime. Seems like as good a time as any now

  • Paddy o.

    Nice. I rexoomend 6970 for 1080p. Has extra bandwidth for more aa than 6950

  • Dan

    Really dumb question bby someone who knows nothing of graphics cards, just because its supports the 3 screen setup it will still work fine with just 1 screen ? Also the switch to change the modes is that a physical switch on the card or a something you can change on the computer on the fly?

  • Hi Dan, Yes, the card works fine with 1 screen. I just tested Battlefield 3 with eyefinity. All other games are using one screen.

    There is a physical switch on the card for the enhanced core speed mode. Switch it while the system is off and restart. There is a picture of it, earlier in the review.

  • Dan

    Ok awesome thanks for the speedy response. Does that switch poke out the back or would i have to take the case of my computer each time i wanted to change it?

  • I would just leave it on the higher setting all the time.

    The bios switch is on the card itself, you would need to take the door off the case to get at it.

  • myself

    So you review an special/overclocked edition with BF3 and you do not bench it with BF3, just with these freaky triple display that only people with $5000 rigs uses… cool.

  • Three 1080p screens in uk can cost as little as £500. And we used this sapphire review card to test battlefield 3 with those screens. Not sure how you work out 5000 dollars just for that.

    An eyefinity setup is not expensive at all actually. i5 2500k, 4gb of ram, £80 motherboard easily used as a basis for an ef rig.

  • OemFty

    pretty good………………nice