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XFX HD 6790 Review (dual fan)

Rating: 9.0.

AMD’s new HD6790 has already proven to be a great performer for the gaming masses, delivering HD gaming capabilities without breaking the bank. Today we are looking at the new XFX HD6790 Edition which features a lovely, custom made dual fan cooler.

As we have said before, AMD are marketing the HD6790 at the 1080p gaming masses, with ‘balanced performance and price’ being the main focal point. They used a similar strategy with the last gen HD5770 and it was a big seller for AMD partners. If you are building a new media center to pair up with a large High Definition television and don’t want to make too many compromises, is this the ideal purchase?

AMD HD6790
Compute Power 1.34 TFLOPs
Core Clock Speed 840mhz
Shader Architecture VLIW5
Stream Processors 800 ALU
Texture Units 40
ROPs/Z-Stencil 16/64
Frame Buffer 1GB GDDR5
Memory Width/Speed 256 bit, 4.2 Gbps

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  • Thomas

    Thats a nice looking card for the price. like the cooler a lot. dual fans on a card with a modest power delivery is always going to work well.

    Interesting to see they have opted for direct contact heatpipes. seems to work a treat.

    Might be a better deal than the £105 HD5850 from sapphire, close call though.

  • Jastim Finitig

    I still think Sapphire have crapped on the 6 series mid range party with the HD5850 at that price, its a better card overall, and costs less. unless you want multiple screens or something, id still opt for it at the reduced price.

  • Kal

    Very nice. THese are the cards people buy, not HD6990’s. i could insure my car for a year for that.

  • Frank

    Good card, but, and its a BIG BIG but. The HD5850 which sapphire brought out again with awesome cooler.

    Surely this is THE buy of the moment? or am I missing something

  • Luke

    Big fan of dual fan cards myself, bought an ASUS Direct CU recently and its so much quieter than my last card

  • Joe

    CFx is really good, but for £230 you could almost get a 6970.

  • Uriel

    Great looking board for the price, its 15 euros cheaper than sapphires here.

  • Garry

    Dual fan coolers always work well and thankfully the companies know not to cut costs by using crappy fans that make a lot of noise. I think this one is a winner for XFX. price is good too, I was expecting it to be 130.

  • Paul

    I want to aim higher, but im having problems getting the funds I need. this might do me and I can upgrade with another later in the year.

  • 083kdm

    Just remember that when you are moving to CrossfireX that it is very driver based. if a new game is out it is a good chance you will have it beaten by the time AMD sort out the profile. it sucks from that point of view.