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XFX HD6850 Black Edition Review @ 1ghz : World First Exclusive!

Rating: 9.0.

Last friday AMD released the HD6870 and HD6850 series to a warm reception. Many journalists (including myself) admired the competitive price points with class leading performance … finally AMD had the performance edge to compete directly with the GTX 460’s.

Today we have one of the first pre-overclocked HD6850’s – the XFX HD6850 Black Edition. So new in fact that it has been hand selected from the production process and shipped to us in the reference HD6850 box. Being Guru’s of Kit however, we did manage to get a picture of the final retail box, not even off the production line.

As many of you will already know, XFX have three series of cards within a range. The standard version, the XXX editions with moderate overclocks and the Black Editions with the highest overclocks. The model we are looking at today is the fastest card in the HD6850 range and has been certified and warranted to run long term at 820mhz core and 1100mhz (4400mhz effective) via the GDDR5 memory.

Product code : HD-685X-ZNBC
Core clock : 820MHz
Memory clock : 4.4GHz
Stream Processors : 960
Output config : DP+HDMI+DUAL DVI(1x DVI-I, 1x DVI-D)
External power : 1x 6pins
Cross fire connection : 1x

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  • Harrid

    Shit on a stick, thats insane clocks man!

  • Tom

    Ohhhh lovely. their modded cooler is good. shame its a tiny bit louder, but we can forgive it with those insane clocks.

  • Eric K

    ill buy a few of these I think for christmas 😉

  • Joe

    First HD6850 over 1ghz, very sexy indeed. XFX are really taking it to Sapphire lately.

  • Hans Solo

    Heh, this is the start of extreme solutions. I can predict some amazing overclocks before christmas.

  • Mark

    Absolutely stunning card, hope the price isnt much higher though.

  • Hank

    I am not that interested in the core clock increases set in the bios, the potential overhead is what I love about the black edition boards. they have been doing this for years really and im stunned they got a 6850 black edition out so early. nice scoop KG.

  • Tri Color

    Its AMD lovin on kitguru 🙂


    Have to hand it to XFX< they are showing their worth as a partner for AMD. nvidia must be crying into their cornflakes.


  • Ralph

    oh, this will make a nice christmas present, I just need to persuade the missus to fork out for it. fat chance.

  • Sam I am

    Damn it, I wasn’t expecting this so quick. XFX got the edge on Sapphire.

    but for how long? 1.1ghz possible before christmas? I think so.

  • Blazzin

    XFX + AMD = Great Combo
    XFX – NVIDIA = All 4 AMD
    NVIDIA You Where Stupid To Let XFX Go As A Partner

  • Tazim

    To all the dumbasses saying Nvidia dropped XFX;
    Get your bloody facts right – XFX dropped Nvidia when they made the 400-series cards.