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XFX HD6970 3-way CFx & HD6950 CFx review

The box is virtually identical to the HD6950 on the last page. Same colour scheme and same background imagery.

Again, no free game, but there is a Crossfire connector included, as well as a ‘do not disturb' door design and a bunch of literature on the product and the full range of XFX Pro Series power supplies.

Both HD6950 and HD6970 are long cards – slightly longer even than the GTX580.

Two Crossfire connectors for multiple CFx 2/3/4 configurations. The HD6970 requires an eight pin and a six pin power connector.

Both HD6950 and HD6970 have a new switch next to the Crossfire Connectors which enables two modes. Setting 1 is an unprotected mode for user updates and setting 2 is protected as factory default. Never has modding your video card been so user friendly.

Connectivity is strong with 2 miniDisplayport connectors being complimented by an HDMI 1.4A output and 2 DVI ports (one DL and one SL).

Getting access to the PCB first requires the removal of the back plate which seals the card entirely. Be aware that before removing the core cooler, you will have to destroy XFX stickers, voiding your warranty. XFX are the only company we have seen do this, much in the same fashion as a power supply – once opened you have no means to claim an RMA.

The cooler is a 5th generation Vapor Chamber system which AMD claim has great cooling efficiency and acoustic performance but more on this later. The memory installed on the card is Hynix H5GQ2H24MF.

Three XFX HD6970's, ready and begging for some action later in the review.

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