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Zotac GeForce GTX560 AMP! Edition Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are looking at Zotac’s take on the new Nvidia GTX560, a card which should NOT be confused with the GTX560 ‘Ti’. The Ti was released at the start of the year and is a higher end part targeting a slightly different market. Nvidia have released the latest GTX560 to fill a void in the mid range where AMD are currently very strong. This card is set to deliver the final death blow to the previous generation GTX460, which was one of the best cards Nvidia have ever released.

There is no doubt about it, the mid range graphics card market is currently a very confusing place, both manufacturers have a wealth of cards available with naming conventions sure to confuse the average punter.

The new GTX560 is based on the same GPU as the original GTX 560 Ti, that being the 40nm GF114. The GTX560 has 336 cuda cores enabled, which is the same as the GTX460. The new cards are clocked much higher however with optimised power delivery to maintain efficiency levels. Nvidia’s new reference card is clocked at 810mhz with the CUDA cores running at 1620mhz, when this is compared with the original GTX 460’s 675/1350/900 clock speeds, the differences are easy to see.

The Zotac GTX560 AMP! Edition we are reviewing today, is exactly what customers will want to see. A highly overclocked edition with a very substantial, custom cooling system.

Product Geforce GTX460 Geforce GTX560 Zotac GTX560 AMP!
Core Clock 675mhz 810mhz 950mhz
Memory Clock 900mhz 1002mhz 1100mhz
Shader Units 336 336 336
ROPs 32 32 32
Graphics Processor GF104 GF114 GF114
Memory size 1GB 1GB 1GB
Transistors 1950M 1950M 1950M

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  • Henna

    Yay, thats a mega card from Zotac !

  • Rufus

    I like that a lot. Great price, its £30 less than the HD6950 too.

  • Iain

    that is one seriously fast clocked card. 1ghz? 460 eat your heart out !

  • Nathan

    as always, great review man. I like the cooler. but I agree, it can get a bit toasty considering thedual fans etc.

  • Optix

    Im impressed, and I didnt think that was possible this year with nvidia. any ideas who is stocking it?

  • Jerry

    Pretty good price, although I see a lot of sites complaining they are priced too high. Dont know how thats worked out. This one is faster than a Ti isnt it ? going on results.

  • Nicholas

    I think this updated series is a waste of time, the Ti was fine, just needed to price them better.

  • Raymond

    I dont think that cooler is doing that good a job considering the heatpipe design and dual fans? Have zotac overvolted the card to make it stable at 950?