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1TB hard drive price set to rise above £100

One of the most mundane components in the modern PC is the hard drive. We've seen the pricing on these tumble over the years, but that's changing – very quickly. KitGuru scans the online pricing and feels genuine shock.

The floods in Thailand have hit the hard drive manufacturers. Hard. None more so than Western Digital which, by its own admission, had moved over 40% of its production to the country.

Then came the rains.

Thankfully, none of the Western Digital employees lost their lives – but many people have died across the country. For Western Digital, the most serious death has been the demise of its production lines.

With all of the hard drive manufacturers being hit – just as the market ramps up for the busiest quarter of the year, through Christmas, the resulting impact on pricing has been devastating.

The UK online retailers have done what they can to shield customers from the true horror, but pricing is now going up like an F-15 taking off. It's near vertical, with no end in sight.

At the time of writing, based on buy pricing from a few days ago, resellers like Scan have multiple 1TB drives at just under the £100 mark.

In all likelihood, the price of a 1Tb drive will sail above £100 in the next few days.


This price of £95 is based on the buy prices from a few days ago and will definitely increase past £100. Could it reach £150 or £200 ?

KitGuru says: Terrible news for the cheap end of the market and companies like Acer, but what a boost in the arm for AData, Crucial and OCZ with their fast, cost-effective Solid State alternatives.This kind of price-hike could also make solid-state Apples look like a cheap choice.

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