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IcyDock SSD Xpander (SSD Hybrid) Review

Rating: 7.0.

IcyDock have been releasing many cool adapters and gadgets recently, and today we are looking at the SSD Xpander, a device that allows the user to combine a Solid State Drive with a mechanical drive.

Icydock say that this is the ‘perfect upgrade solution’ for those users who don’t want to purchase a high capacity SSD. Using new hybrid algorithms the product can combine an SSD drive with a mechanical drive to create a ‘hybrid’ partition with a ‘storage’ partition.

The device is said to double the sequential transfer rates of the HDD exclusively in the hybrid partition. We will look into performance characteristics later in the review.

ICY DOCK MB882HX-1SB 2.5″ SATA SSD Xpander Hybrid Adapter
Model Number :
Color :
Drive Fit :
Compatible drive type :
3.5″ SATA II hard drive
Device Fit :
3.5″ SATA drive bay
Host Interface :
Structure :
Dimension (L x W x H) :

146.6 x 101.6 x 25.4mm

Weight :

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  • Earthworm

    What an unusual idea.

    It would be a fairly complex configuration to set up., I dont know anyone who uses diskmanager in windows to configure drives.

    A user with a 40GB SSD is likely someone who bought a cheap prebuilt system, the thought of ripping the drive out, using this, then trying a complete reinstall of the OS is out of their league.

    DOnt think this will sell well.

  • Gunner


    shame it isn’t more performance oriented with 6gbps sata support. thats always going to ruin performance. even with a 200mb/s SSD and a 100mb/s HDD its going to push the platform beyond the limits.

  • Yannis

    people who buy SSDs want 100% performance regardless. this is a fail imo.

  • Hakuren

    Not all people who buying SSD want max. performance. Only hardcore geeks, enthusiast and people running benchmarks 24/7/365 need that.

    I don’t care about 500MB/s transfers, I don’t care about booting time. All I need is relatively speedy access, decent size, low cost, and low seeking time when accessing really humongous directories. With 80, 100 or 200k files in one directory SSD offer good performance. But cost of creating multiple RAID arrays from SSDs is out of the question. I’m not that daft to spend money on multiple SSDs. Recently acquired old 240GB Samsung 220/200 works nicely. I don’t need mega ‘uber’ performance when you have one SSD and 20+ HDDs. It works as buffer for documents not as boot drive which is pointless anyway when each RAID card initialization takes couple minutes.

    That IcyDock (and other similar) is a good product (with decent size SSD). Good value. Unless of course you see only SSDs and couldn’t care less about money.

  • thomasxstewart

    pIC IS ONE hdd sATA ii IN, oNE OUT TO MAIN. rEALLY REVIVE SOME OLDER VERY EXPENSIVE hdd IF DID, SAY UP TO 5 hdd & HAS r.a.i.d. 5 CAPABILITIES. When caps lock quits, Random Array Intergrated Discs, might be abrv.

    That way bunch of old stuff is used Or finally sold & RAID5 is tricky item, often failing after short set up. Max Blast is one of better discs for RAID. So with SSD , more SSD Capacity to Guide Silly ‘ole RAID5 to make Beast, with faster main &cpgpu, thanger, workable. Hit that 500, eeerrrr MB/s spot that scsi & sas have kept to own. by sata III w/ backward compatibility. new tome’: mix & cash….

    drashek md

  • Gonzo

    Guess, people are dumb these days. Page 5 says it all : do not buy this product.

    Why, you say ?

    1º see,read the benchmarks
    2º You need to BUY any market SSD to use this c…p ?? Hello?
    3º it´s from Icy = $$$$

    If you have to buy or own a ssd drive, why in the name of konfuzius do you want to buy this, eh ?

    O.o USE THE SSD!!!

    Now, if this product came with an onboard ssd cache in the size of like say 32Gb, then sure why not, give your current old and probably outdated hd from 2004 a minimal perfromance boost, and the funny part is : it wont matter at all….

    Put this on your vapoware or any 2011 thumbs down product- top ten list.

    Creative thinking ?? 0 out of 128 Mario 64 Stars