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Asus M4A88T-M Motherboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

We have recently looked at two impressive AMD motherboards from Asus which performed well in our tests and offered great feature sets and build quality. Today we are going to look at the M4A88T-M motherboard which offers a similar feature set to the other two boards we’ve tested but in a micro-ATX form factor.

The most significant feature that the  M4A88T-M lacks compared to the other boards is USB 3.0 support.  There is a USB 3.0 version of the board available but we have the non-USB3.0 version here to review.


CPU AMD socket AM3 for AMD Phenom II /
Athlon II / Sempron 11 series Processors (up to 140W)
Chipset AMD 880G / SB710
Memory 4x DIMM, max. 16GB, DDR3 1866
(O.C.) / 1333 / 1066 MHz, ECC and non-ECC, un-buffered memory
Storage -1x Ultra DMA 133/100/66 Connector

-6x SATA 3GB/s ports with RAID 0, 1, 10 and JBOD

-1x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots

-2x PCIe 2.0 x1 slots

-1x PCI slots

Audio -8-channel High Definition Audio

-Optical S/PDIF output at back panel

LAN Realtek Gigabit LAN controller
featuring AI NET 2
(back panel)
-1x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Combo port

-1x DVI

-1x D-Sub

-1x HDMI

-1x S/PDIF Out (optical)

-1x RJ45 port

-6x USB 2.0/1.1

-6x 3.5mm Audio connectors

Micro ATX

Like the other two AMD motherboards from Asus we’ve looked at recently, the M4A88T-M is supplied in a lime green box that only differs in size from the other two.  The front is decorated with various different logos which elude to some of the boards’ features.  Turning the box over reveals more detail about the features and specifications of the board inside.

Inside the box we find all the accessories we would usually expect.  These include two SATA cables, a selection of installation manuals, an IDE cable and a software CD.  We were a little disappointed not to find a ‘Q-connector’ in the box like the other two motherboards as this made installation a lot more hassle free.

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  • Nester

    Thats pretty nice for under £60. overclocking with a sub 60 quid board wasnt expected.

  • Larry Mullen

    Yeah I like that product myself, bargain basement price with asus quality. I dont need USB 3.0 although SATA 6gbps would have been nice.

  • atontousiaget

    не могу найти рабочий сервис расчета зпл на главбухе не пашет на клерке не пашет
    подкиньте плз если кто знает
    п.с. дали линки хз какая-то туфта бухгалтер калькулятор
    и открытки с днем бухгалтера

  • nice for under £60. overclocking with a sub 60 quid board

  • spahr50cal

    i have had this board for over 7 months and its working great, i can play a lot of pvp games without any video card, granite graphics set on low but still for a micro atx this is a nice board

  • Shankar

    Can I connect PCIe 3.0 cards to Asus M4A88TM motherboard??

  • Brian

    I have been using this mobo for a while and it has been ok, but you say you used all the latest bio updates, I have looked on the Asus web site and they are from 2010. Issue I have at the moment is not booting straight away and have to manually restart (on/off).