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Intel DH57JG Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel Core i5 660 CPU Review

The Intel DH57JG doesn't face a huge amount of competition in the Mini-ITX market but, unfortunately, there are a few areas in which it is lacking.  There are cheaper alternatives available which support features like USB3.0 which we really hope Intel will include on their next model.

Those who plan to overclock their system should probably look elsewhere as Intel provide far fewer configuration options in the BIOS than most manufacturers.  As it isn't possible to adjust the CPU voltages, we can't see anyone managing to achieve a worthwhile overclock with this system.  But, we also have to consider that Mini-ITX motherboards are more delicate than ATX motherboards and can't support the same level of overclocking.  Even though the i5-660 CPU performed well with the DH57JG, we feel that an i3 CPU might be more appropriate for the motherboard.

At a price of £96 at Novatech, the DH55JG comes in around the same price as the similar Zotac H55 ITX motherboard despite the lack of Wi-Fi.  Either of these boards are perfect for a compact system or HTPC and, aside from Wi-Fi, there is little to choose between them.

KitGuru says: The Intel DH57JG is perfect for those looking for a reliable motherboard for a compact system or HTPC and don't plan to overclock.

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Rating: 8.0.

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