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G.Skill Sniper X F4-3400C16D-16GSXW w/ Samsung B-Die

The main reason we can see for buying G.Skill’s Sniper X is to get the fastest DDR4 that works reliably in an AMD system. Naturally you can also install the Sniper X kit in an Intel PC but that is true of a vast range of DDR4. Sniper X looks slightly more snazzy than FlareX, however they are visually very different so while it is tempting to say that Sniper X replaces FlareX it is more accurate to call Sniper X an alternative visual style.


Sniper X stands at the same height as FlareX so when you compare the two types of memory physically it is purely a matter of choosing the one you think looks best.

The absence of RGB will horrify some customers but will doubtless please others. G.Skill sells the excellent Trident Z RGB and showed the even more impressive Trident Z RGB Royal at Computex, so if you want RGB they have you covered. Sniper X simply goes in the other direction.

Our biggest issue with this F4-3400MHz kit is that the extra 200MHz doesn’t make a tangible difference. There will always be people lining up to buy the fastest memory with the tightest timings and lowest latency but we very much doubt they will be able to demonstrate what the extra speed brings. We are also sure they will pay a premium for the speed as fast DDR4 is horribly expensive.

The official G.Skill outlet on Amazon listed this Sniper X kit at an expensive £260 however they are currently showing the item out of stock while I see the 3200MHz kit is in stock at £165. In our video we made a bit of a song and dance about the price as £260 seemed far too expensive while £210 would have been about right. By contrast the Sniper X 3200MHz kit at £165 looks like very good value for money.


  • Compatible with AMD Ryzen, as well as Intel.
  • Samsung B-die delivers 3400MHz and decent 16-16-16-36 timings.
  • Rock solid performance.
  • The camouflage design of Sniper X looks fun.


  • Faster DDR4 yields minimal benefits.
  • RGB lovers should look away.
  • Fast DDR4 continues to be expensive.
  • Sniper X is fairly tall.

KitGuru says: Sniper X sports a stylish and fun heat spreader on its Samsung B-die chips. Beneath that surface it is all business.

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Rating: 8.0.

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