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der8auer hits 10460 Cinebench score at Gamescom 2018

When KitGuru’s testing of the monstrous Armari Magnetar S32T-RD1000G2 yielded a Cinebench score of 5,739, we were all suitably impressed. At Gamescom 2018, legendary overclocker der8auer gave KitGuru a tour of his latest creation. It’s a special server system, built in association with ASUS, to show just what can be achieved if you overclock a pair of AMD 32-core EPYC processors. The score we saw left the Threadripper 2 number very definitely in the rear view mirror.

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube HERE

With a parts-only tally of more than £20,000, it’s not easy to put a street price on something like this. The concept itself is really interesting: What can you achieve with server parts, when you have a hardcore overclockers mentality?

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The possibilities for this kind of power are vast. You could spend the power on getting a load more work done in a fixed amount of time – or let the dual EPYC processors run wild when it comes to adding in a huge amount of additional detail into a design or render. Check out the rig, check out the Cinebench score in the video above.

KitGuru says: Absolutely incredible number. From our conversation with der8auer, it doesn’t sound like he’s about to go into mass production with this system. But someone, somewhere, will be looking at the 10,460 number and reaching for the corporate Amex.

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