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AIO cooler prototype replaces pump with thermosyphon

Wieland, a German manufacturer of semi-finished products, has developed a CPU liquid cooler prototype that uses a thermosyphon instead of a pump. In a recent video, Der8auer compared the Wieland prototype cooler's performance against that of a regular Corsair AIO 240 CPU cooler to test how it performs compared to …

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Yes, you can still overclock Intel’s 12th Gen Core non-K processors

Intel's 'non-K' processors are not supposed to be overclockable. However, enthusiasts have had success in the past when trying to overclock them via the BCLK, significantly improving the performance of such chips. So it was only a matter of time before someone tried it out with Intel's 12th Gen Core processors, and that someone was no other than Der8auer...

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MSI OC Academy Sub-Zero Overclocking Event

We were in Cambridge over the weekend for MSI and TeamGB's first OC Academy tour. In coordination with TeamGB overclockers and a number of sponsors, the OC Academy is designed to give enthusiasts a chance to benchmark a selection of hardware in order to promote involvement in the UK's overclocking …

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