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Master modder The Cre8or shows off his finest builds at Gamescom 2018

“Wow. Just wow”, is pretty much the first thing that goes through your head when you see The Cre8or’s best mods. From Gears of War through Armageddon to Spartacus, it’s impossible not to stand and stare at the Caseking stand at GamesCom 2018. We took a moment to chat with Ali ‘Cre8or’ Abbas about his work and future plans. If you have any interest in modding, check out this video!

Watch via Vimeo (below) or over on YouTube HERE

Growing up as a child in Pakistan, Ali quickly became interested in tinkering. That early childhood fascination has developed into a lifetime passion and The Cre8or is now one of Caseking’s team of experts alongside de8auer and 8Pack.

Between the 3 of them, you can see a spectrum of focus areas. 8Pack has done some of his best work on open benches, while der8auer marries extreme performance with classically elegant systems. The Cre8or is at the other end of the spectrum – close to pure art.

We asked about the possibility of a ‘marriage of styles’ , between The Cre8or and der8auer and Ali smiled. “Watch this space”, he told us.

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Check out some amazing builds in the video above as The Cre8or takes Briony for a spin around his spectacular creations.

KitGuru says: The attention to detail is amazing and it’s easy to see why Ali ‘Cre8or’ Abbas has managed to win 58 international awards for his work – including the Modding Masters title 4 times. It’s good to know that he will be collaborating with his fellow system gurus at Caseking for future builds and we look forward to seeing his next creation.

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