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Computex 2018: G.Skill 5GHz memory, Trident Z Royal and more

While the centerpiece of G.Skill's Computex presence is the Overclocking World Championship, the ultra-fast memory maker had plenty of other interesting things to show off at their booth. For starters, there is a 5GHz DDR4 kit on the way for consumers, some very sleek mechanical keyboards on the way, and we even got to see some very impressive showcase systems from Der8auer.

Starting off with new memory announcements. G.Skill has several new Trident Z RGB memory kits coming out, with the first being a 5066MHz 2x8GB kit, the highest frequency available in a dual-channel configuration. Each of these kits are built using Samsung 8Gb ICs, which have often proven to be particularly good for reaching higher frequencies. However, if you dread the thought of how much 5GHz RAM might cost, then there are plenty of other additions to the Trident Z RGB lineup that may interest you. G.Skill also has a 2x8GB 4800MHz kit coming with CL17-17-17-37 timings and based on Samsung's B-die. If you need more memory for your system, then a 32GB 4600MHz kit is also on the way. This is the fastest 32GB DDR4 kit currently on the market, in part thanks to the use of Samsung 8Gb ICs.

For those who want something a bit different, G.Skill has a Trident Z RGB ‘Royal' kit planned for later this year. It's essentially Trident Z RGB, but with a different lightbar/diffuser that look more like diamonds.

G.Skill has also announced the launch of Ripjaws V, which comes with a new lighting bar and new heat spreaders. If you are concerned about space, the AresX low profile kit is also on the way, offering DDR4 speeds of up to 3600MHz- we would hazard a guess that faster versions of this memory are using Samsung B-dies.

G.Skill debuted its first RGB keyboard quite some time ago. At the time, the keyboard was very gaudy with an over the top design. Since, then, G.Skill has dialled things back a bit, with the KM660 and KM670 both featuring minimalist designs that would fit right at home in an office or at your gaming PC. The KM660 is the ten keyless version and is a bit cheaper, sitting at $89 for the RGB version and $69 for the non-RGB version. The KM670 is a full sized keyboard, sitting at $99 for the RGB version and $79 for standard backlighting.

Finally, we couldn't leave before first showing off this system put together by Der8auer. It features G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory, an Intel Core i9-7900X, and Novec 7100 cooling fluid. As you can see, all of the key components are submerged, which is always a novel sight to see.

KitGuru Says: G.Skill seems to have quite the lineup for 2018, with the air-cooled 5GHz memory being a standout. Unfortunately, due to the constant peaks and troughs in memory pricing, we couldn't get any firm MSRPs for the new kits. 

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