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Antec’s Prizm cooling matrix combines two fans in one bracket

Aside from cases disguised as car engines, Antec has other interesting products launching this year for the DIY PC audience. Today, Antec has announced that its new Prizm Cooling Matrix case fan is available, combining two fans into a single, easy to install bracket complete with ARGB lighting strips.

The Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix has already won the 2019 iF design award, so there is already some buzz surrounding this. Unlike conventional case fans, the Prizm Matrix combines two 120mm case fans into a single bracket with ARGB lighting. This can then be used to replace your case fans in the front or roof of your case, or combined with 240mm liquid cooling radiators.

The Prizm cooling matrix is covered with a layer of aluminium alloy and has ARGB lighting throughout. Each fan has 11-blades, PWM control and a fluid dynamic bearing, which helps reduce noise and extends lifespan.

Since the lighting here is Addressable RGB and not just standard RGB, you can achieve more colours combinations, effects and brighter LEDs. It is all controlled by a dedicated ARGB controller, which ships with the fans and lets you keep all of your LEDs in sync once connected to the motherboard.

KitGuru Says: Antec is building itself quite the RGB ecosystem at the moment, with liquid coolers, RAM and now case fans added to the mix. What do you guys think of the Prizm Cooling Matrix? Would you consider getting one of these instead of two standard case fans?

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